Doug Spurling, MS, CSCS


Doug is president and founder of Spurling Fitness. Originally from Haverhill, Massachusetts he moved to Southern Maine to attend University of New England. While at UNE he played semi-professional football on the side, worked full time in a gym, attended conferences, and read every book he could on performance and fat loss. He graduated from University of New England with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Exercise Science in 2010. Following UNE, Doug enrolled in United States Sports Academy’s (USSA) Master of Sports Science program, and received his graduate degree in 2015. He has several years of experience as a personal trainer for general fitness and a strength and conditioning coach for athletes. His certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) include Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).

Doug entered the business of changing lives because he was able to change his own life. Having been raised in a very unhealthy environment, he went through high school tipping the scale at 386lbs. As he found his passion for health and fitness, he was able to drop over 100lbs!  He lives with passion to help people change their life, whatever that means for them. You can read his story of his personal struggle with obesity here.

On top of leading Spurling Fitness, Doug also consults for over 20 other health and hospitality businesses, and is considered to run one of the best health and fitness businesses by industry experts.

Outside of Spurling, Doug lives with his wife, Megan. They have a son Kaden, with a baby girl on the way. They also have a third kid, that happens to be a dog, and his name is Champ. His hobbies (Doug's not Champ's) include reading, traveling, the outdoors, and spending quality time on the couch watching the Patriots.

Josh Williams, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

Josh is our Director of Training and Education. He is the supervisor for the coaches, heads the training department, and runs the internship program.


Originally from Southwest Harbor, Maine, (Fun Fact: It’s the home of the annual moose wrangling and lobster wrestling competitions) Josh can legitimately call himself a true Mainer. After gradating high school, he decided to make the big trip south and attended the University of New England. Josh and Doug were Chemistry lab partners freshman year where Doug mooched off Josh for all the answers.

While at UNE Josh was looking for an internship and he decided to try out Spurling. He fell in love with the concept and program format, and after completing his internship, was hired full time. He graduated from UNE in 2013 with his degree in exercise science and went straight to work at Spurling turning boys into men, women into weight lifters and athletes into champions.

If you care about the fancy stuff, he is a certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association.

Prior to Spurling, he worked with high school athletes by helping run summer sports performance camps at Thorton Academy. While there, he assisted in small group training with leading physical therapists and strength coaches from around Southern Maine. He has also participated in clinical exercise testing at local hospitals here in Maine. Additionally, Josh has been an inter-professional health peer teacher at the University of New England, assisting professors in undergraduate course teaching.

Josh authors his own blog where he discusses the latest in fitness and nutrition, all while ranting about his favorite sports team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Check out his blog here.

Outside of Spurling Josh loves spending time with his family and his dog, Heath. On the weekends you can find Josh throwing some disc (disc golfing: poor mans golf), hiking the mountains of northern Maine getting his Grizzly Adams on, or just watching some obscure movie that no one has heard of or cares to hear about. And of course Josh loves to lift heavy objects and sometimes you can even catch him reading, as the great strength coach White Goodman says, “- I like to break a mental sweat too.”

Trent Dubois, NSCA-CPT, PN-1


Originally from Lewiston, Trent is a strength and conditioning coach here at Spurling. Certified through the National Strength & Conditioning Association Trent is a great asset to all of our training sessions. He also is Precision Nutrition certified, so he handles a lot of the client's nutritional questions and consultation. Trent has a lot of experience ranging from athletes to your adult weekend warrior. He recently returned to Maine after spending four months in the middle of nowhere, Indiana completing an internship at one of the top performance training facilities in the country, Force Fitness & Performance.

Trent lives in Biddeford with girlfriend, Brittney. He loves the human body and all that is has the potential to do and overcome. As a kid he played sports as did most in the field, but was never great. He had asthma as a child and it prevented him from being active a lot of the time. He pushed on, eventually ridding himself of the asthma and overcoming a lot of child sickness. Since then, he has developed a deep passion for helping clients overcome their problems, help them achieve the results they’re looking for, and show them that they can become what they never thought was possible.

Outside of Spurling Trent loves trail running, cooking gourmet meals, not eating breakfast, and puppies.

Chris La Croix


Chris La Croix is a strength and conditioning coach at Spurling. Chris grew up in South Berwick, Maine, graduating from Seacoast Christian School. He spent four years in Ohio at Cedarville University where he received his Bachelors degree in Exercise Science. While at Cedarville, Chris gained hands-on experience with many different populations ranging from young athletes to the senior population. He interned at Donskov Strength and Conditioning in Columbus, where he worked with groups of ambitious school-age athletes, igniting his passion for coaching.

After graduating, Chris came back to Maine and has been gaining experience in the world of personal training. Chris is also the head coach for Seacoast Christian School's co-ed varsity track and field team. Chris can frequently be found running local 5k's, training for his yearly triathlon - the Pumpkinman, or playing sports with his three brothers. He is currently still living in South Berwick with his wife, Sarah, and their two rescue kittens.

Kim Lloyd, MS, CPT-ACE PN-1

Kim comes to Spurling after a career working in college athletics, and most recently interned at Cressey Sports Performance in Hudson, Massachusetts. She has coached softball, lacrosse, basketball and cross country at the college level. She has a Masters in Sports Leadership from Northeastern University and is a proud graduate of Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania where she played lacrosse. 


While coaching her athletes Kim encouraged the students to get into the weight room and decided to spend more time there herself. She spent most of her time after college running, and has done several half marathons and even one biathlon, where you shoot things after every mile. Presently she's interested in powerlifting and is on a mission to deadlift 300 pounds. 

Kim is a native of Ebensburg, Pennsylvania and outside of Spurling, Kim follows her Western PA sports teams, the Pittsburgh Pirates, Steelers, and Penguins. She has a particular affinity for baseball and baseball trivia and chances are if you mention a year, she can tell you who won the World Series. 

A little known secret is that Kim was in the band Absolute Zero as a rhythm guitarist for about five seconds in college. Long enough to get really good at playing Counting Crows and Dave Matthews songs. She spends time reading, meditating, playing the guitar, hanging out with her basset hound Rooney, and listening to vinyl records. Kim maintains a fitness blog here

Melanie GILMAN


Melanie is our Director of Customer Experience here at Spurling. She assures that all of our clients have a positive experience every time they walk through our doors.   

Having received her Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Administration from Boston University, Melanie has always been customer service oriented. Her background includes restaurant and resort management. 

Melanie's journey with Spurling first began as a client. After having two children, Wyatt and Abigail, she found herself stuck with extra pounds and needing to find a program that worked. She loved the community and lifestyle so much she decided to join the team permanently! 

Though she played softball and basketball growing up, Melanie is notoriously clumsy, once having broken her ribs by running into a parked school bus. She can now be found safely lounging on the beach in her spare time. She also enjoys camping, dancing at concerts, and walks with her third (furrier) child Lucy. 




Brian is a member of our Customer Experience Team. He first came to Spurling as an intern during the summer of 2018. After graduating from the University of New England with a degree in Sport Management, he was welcomed back as a customer experience team member. Brian has been involved with sports his entire life but didn’t become familiar with fitness training until early high school. After seeing how fitness not only helps athletes improve performance, but how it can help anyone improve their health and their lives, Brian knew this was something he wanted to be involved with for the rest of his life. 

In addition to his degree in Sport Management, Brian also minored in Business Administration and Coaching, he is also currently pursuing an MBA with a concentration in Athletic Administration. Since he already had a strong understanding of the business side of fitness, Brian then got the chance to explore the coaching side of fitness in the fall of 2018 as an intern coach with the University of New England football team. His involvement with the team in the weight room as well as on the field gave him practical experience coaching in a variety of settings.

Brian is a native of Saco, Maine, in addition to participating in numerous youth sports Brian was involved in his school band from 5th grade through his senior year of high school, playing the trumpet. Though Brian enjoys all sports his favorite is Lacrosse. Outside of Spurling he enjoys kayaking, spending time at his family’s camp and going to the movies with friends.

Jessica Diaz, MS, NASM-CPT


Jessica grew up in a small town in New Jersey where she worked as a physical therapist aide and sparked her initial interest in the exercise science field. She then moved to Maine where she attended University of New England, receiving her Bachelors degree in Exercise Science. While at UNE, Jessica gained experience while running a cardiac rehabilitation program, personal training clients at school and as an intern at Basics Fitness, running group fitness classes and working as a strength coach with the varsity athletic teams. 

During her time at UNE she gained not only knowledge, but also her passion for coaching and helping individuals reach their goals. After graduating, she then went on to attend graduate school at Adelphi University where graduated with her Masters degree in Exercise Science where Jessica also gained experience being a graduate assistant in the Human Performance Laboratory. 

Outside of the training facilities, Jessica enjoys exploring the outdoors kayaking, hiking, snowboarding or traveling. If she is not in the gym, she is typically found outside with her dog Denali. Jessica also grew up playing softball for the majority of her life and takes any nice day to play catch or hit some softballs. 

Judy Stark


I am originally from CT(don't hate me, it took a bit for me to get to Maine), where I attended Quinnipiac University and graduated with degrees in Laboratory Medicine and Microbiology.  I have witnessed what ill health looks like in humans while working large teaching hospitals.  This is when Health and Wellness became a passion of mine.  Basically, I like to MOVE and eat healthy foods, and inspire others to do so as well.  

I began teaching Group Dance Fitness in the 90's, when there was no formal training programs, a trail blazer of sorts.  Drawing from years of training in Gymnastics and Dance, I created an hour long fitness class to teach.  I became certified with American Fitness Association of America(AFAA) as a Group Fitness Instructor in 1998.  I moved to Maine in 1999, and worked at York Hospital, running the Transfusion Medicine Department and teaching fitness classes in the evenings.  Through the years, I  certified and taught numerous fitness formats at numerous locations in Southern Maine.

I joined Spurling Fitness as a member during a month off from my current  FT job at IDEXX.  I love it here and all of the inspirational (and FUN) Coaches.  When a PT Coach position became available, I quickly applied.  I love new challenges and learning, and am very thrilled to be coaching Team Training.  I am surrounded by the BEST Coaches here.

Other hobbies include, leading Community movement/music events as one of the founding members as "The Funky Bunks".  You might catch me dancing in the streets or popping up at Halloween as a (nice-I don't want to hurt anyone) Zombie leading "Thriller"or at The Dance Mile in Portland.  I love to cook and eat natural foods.  I create healthy, easy, delicious dishes on weekends. What goes in the body is extremely important for good health. This years goal is to complete Certification through Precision Nutrition.  I would love to help inspire you someday.

My fitness philosophy is simple.  Each week find time to do some Cardio, Strength, Balance and flexibility moves and eat food that looks like it came from the Earth.

Spurling is a comfortable place for anyone to reach their fitness goals.  It is a great community of people, who care about each other and giving back to the Community.  I am proud to say I am a part of it. 


Spurling also wouldn’t be where it is today without all the help from there interns each semester. These people volunteer their time to learn from the best about performance and fat loss training. We'd like to recognize the following list of individuals who have dedicated their time to improve their personal growth, and the growth of Spurling. 

  • Anthony Casale

  • Nick Cusick

  • Josh Morin

  • AJ Sanchez

  • Andrew Neff

  • Sam Simpson

  • John Melancon

  • Nick McMahon

  • Orlando Gomes

  • Jared Jandreau

  • Erin Grover

  • Mike Ricigliano

  • Nick Wilson

  • Nick Gross

  • Dan Buck

  • Paul Dubuque

  • Amelie Petersen

  • Derek Sargent

  • Alex Proach

  • Samantha Pomroy

  • Sam Matacchiero

  • Brooke Marshall

  • Jeff Longo

  • Paul Magnifico

  • Gabby Crugnale

  • Tori Stocks

  • Jordan Stebbins

  • Casidee Couture

  • Josh Ornstein

  • Ryan Sandmann

  • Matt Desrosiers

  • Jeremy Longchamp

  • Kacie Jacques

  • Brian Martin

  • Kyle Herrick

  • Ryan Marquis