Spurling Seven?

Catchy, huh?

When we look at an individuals desire to become “healthier” we tend to focus on the physical stuff….

Exercise, nutrition, and maybe even sleep or stress.

Those are super important, but that’s not everything.

If we truly want to look at the total picture, we need to look at what we call the “7 Dimensions of Wellness.”

Wellness is defined as an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

We hear wellness and we initially think of things like fitness, yoga, nutrition.

The reality is, that’s just one dimension of overall wellness, physical wellness.

If we truly want to work on becoming “healthier” we need to look at all dimensions…

The 7 Dimensions of Wellness include:

  • Physical: Recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods, and sleep

  • Intellectual: Recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills

  • Emotional: Coping effectively with life and creating satisfying relationships

  • Financial: Satisfaction with current and future financial situations

  • Social: Developing a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support system

  • Spiritual: Expanding a sense of purpose and meaning in life

  • Vocational: Personal satisfaction and enrichment from one’s work

Now, for sake of brevity, I won’t go in depth of all seven today, but our ultimate mission is to change lives, not just physically, but through all dimensions of wellness.

However, spend a moment with me and let’s go through a couple scenarios…

Let’s say you hate your job (vocational wellness).

Do you think that impacts your physical wellness?

Does it impact your stress, your nutrition, and maybe even your workout frequency?

You bet.

What if you’re struggling with financial wellness?

That can cause stress, leading to poor nutrition choices, lack of sleep, and impacting other areas of wellness.

It’s all connected.

I think it’s vital to have “people on your team” who are going to help you in all areas.

That’s why this journey never ends.

We never take a break, we just focus on different areas, but it’s a never ending process.

It’s an ongoing pursuit of getting better, 1% Better, and you need a team of experts by your side, challenging you, holding you accountable, and pushing you to be the best version of you.

Over time, I’ll continue to breakdown the seven dimensions of wellness and help you connect all of them, and that’s why Coach Kim and I started the One Percent Better Show, a podcast dedicated to all seven dimensions of wellness.

My take home point today…

We can’t look at your journey in this box of just exercise and nutrition.

We need to look at the entire circle, the entire picture, all dimensions of wellness.

Just like everything else, we’ll never be perfect at all of them, but during certain times of our life we need to work on developing each area.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling