You're Not Off Track

Let us take a ride on a train today..

There's a really common saying in our industry...

"I'm off track" or "I need to get back on track."

We all catch ourselves using it, coaches and clients alike, especially this time of year with school ending and summer hindering a lot of our attempts at staying consistent.

But think about it...

When you say you’re off track, that means you're not moving. 

If a train is "off track" it has most likely crashed and is off the side of the tracks. 

It's not moving. 

Fitness and life are not like that. 

We're always moving, it's very fluid. 

Now, we may not be moving in the direction we want to ultimately be going, but we're always moving. 

So I'm challenging you (and me) to stop thinking of it as "off track" but instead as just a bit off the beaten path. 

The train (our lives) are still moving. 

We may have taken the wrong turn, gone down a dead-end track, had to back up and find the right direction, but we're not off track, the train is always moving. 

And just like a train, we have to be fueled properly, we have to have clear directions on where we want to go(vision and goals), and oh, it's got precious cargo (people or things) it has to take care of along the way. 

You see, life, and fitness is just like a train :)

I bet you've never thought of it like that.

But let us take a stand...

We're not "off track."

We may just need to adjust the plans, clarify our direction, or refuel. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling