Which One Are You?

There are really only two approaches to the journey. 

Quite often we hear goals like wanting to lose 20lbs in the next six weeks. 

And that's a great goal...

But, as we always talk about, what happens after that?

Do you go so hard that you just bounce back to your old behaviors and gain all the weight back?

It's probably happened to most of us at some point. 

Throughout this journey of a healthier (and happier) you there are really on two tracks...

All or nothing


1% better. 

Which one are you?

We will always push you for the 1% better journey. 

The idea that each day you try to get a little better. 

This is a journey, it goes on forever, and you must choose behaviors (nutrition choices, fitness choices, lifestyle choices, etc) that you can sustain the rest of your life. 

As we always preach, consistency will always win. 

Ask yourself the question…

“Do I see myself doing this thing (fitness, nutrition, lifestyle choice) 12 months from now?”

If the answer is no, there’s a strong chance you’re just looking for the quick fix.

You will have hurdles, you will have setbacks, but with the 1% better mentality, you take it one day at a time, and get back on the saddle. 

The all or nothing mentality plays to the human need for instant gratification. 

That's why this whole thing is hard. 

There is no instant gratification. 

You’re putting in work for something that you may not “see” for weeks, months, or years.

You’re creating a vision, a point in the future, you’re not getting a tangible product like a car, a house, or an electronic device.

That’s why it’s so hard.

The all or nothing approach may get results fast (lose 15lbs in a month), but it usually involves behaviors that can't be sustained for the long-term. 

Thus, we're sitting here 12 months from now and the person with the all or nothing mentality may have seen results in the beginning, but shortly into the process they inevitably hit a speed bump, get off track, and never get back on again. 

That's why we'll always push for 1% better. 

Sure, you may not see instant results, you may not see amazing results in the first month, but 12 months from now, 12 years from now, you'll be ahead. 

The daily consistency, the daily wins, always win in the end.

Play the long game. 

1% Better. 

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling