What's The Minimum?

As we get closer and closer to summer, the opportunities for not so good nutrition choices are endless. 

Let me be very clear before I get into today's lesson...

That's totally okay! 

Enjoy your time, enjoy the BBQ, hang out with friends on the beach, etc.

Just like one workout won't make a difference, one or two poor choices won't make a difference. 

I know you've heard that from us a lot this year but I think it's important. 

Most people stress about the 15 days a year that they have a special occasion (holidays, birthdays, reunions, etc) and instead should focus on just making the other 350 days really good. 

Mic drop. 

Okay onto today's lesson... 

My message today is simple. 

What's your minimum?

When we set goals for anything (fitness, finances, family, etc) I like to set three goals for the topic. 

The stretch goal. 

This is the goal that is shooting for the stars. 

Everything would have to aline, you'd have to work your tail off, and your dreams would have to come true for this to happen. 

Then there's the actual goal. 

Finally, there's the floor goal. 

The minimum goal. 

You will do everything possible to hit this no matter what it takes. 

Let's roll with an example both fitness and non-fitness. 

Let's say your goal is to get 8 glasses of water a day. 

That's your actual goal. 

Your stretch goal may be 12 glasses. 

Then your minimum, your floor, may be 6 glasses. 

So, the goal is 8, but you're not going to bed until you get 6 glasses of water in at minimum. 

I don't care if you have to sit on the edge of your bed to drink 3 glasses because you only drank 3 throughout the day. 

You do what it takes to hit the minimum, the floor goal. 

A non-fitness example could be with your finances. 

Let's say you want to contribute $10,000 to your savings or retirement. 

A stretch goal may be $20,000, and the floor goal, the minimum, may be $5,000. 

As the deadline gets closer, if you're not on track to hit at least the $5,000 you may need to walk to work, eat ramen noodles, and cancel your cable, but you'll do whatever it takes to hit the floor goal, the minimum. 

In goal setting, and especially this time of year, the floor goal is actually what drives you. 

What's your minimum? 

So maybe it's the 6 glasses of water. 

Maybe it's 3 servings of vegetables. 

Maybe it's 2 workouts in the week. 

Focus on at least getting the minimums, do whatever it takes, and then you can enjoy yourself.

Final note: It’s always important to keep moving forward, 1% Better, to always do something, but we don’t want to compare our “summer self” with our “new year-locked in” self.

Sound good?

I hope that helps. 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling