Final Week...

Change is hard as Kim eluded to yesterday. 

We know starting something new is scary, intimidating, and nerve-wracking. 

But isn't it necessary?

Are you not sick and tired of feeling like you have no energy, can't keep up with the kids, and/or wondering how you're going to fit into those clothes this summer?

As fellow Spurling clients can attest, I think that's our specialty :)

Working with people who are either scared or intimidated by the typical gym...and getting results.

Next Thursday I'll be hosting an orientation for our 28 Day Memorial Day Meltdown

It's a 28 day trial of all things Spurling. 

No, it's not any cheaper than buying a core membership, but for those that are hesitant, it does let you try it out for 28 days, dip your toes in the water, and make sure we're a good fit for you.

I have eight people who are committed to coming next Thursday night for orientation and I'd love to get 3-4 more folks. 

Is it you?

28 days of coaching, accountability, and support from our awesome community. 

How does it work?

Step 1...

You show up to orientation. 

Just show up, that's the hardest part. 

We'll get to know you, learn your goals, your history, and see where you're starting (it's okay if you're starting from zero, that's why you're here). 

Step 2...

You schedule all your workouts on an app, and all those workouts, every single one of them, is with a coach so we can assure you're doing things that are safe and appropriate for you. 

Step 3...

You immerse yourself in our community by attending our social events (if you want to), chime in on our Facebook Group, or just meet a fellow client when you're at the gym. 

Step 4...

We hold you accountable. We'll meet with you throughout the 28 days to check in, track progress, and make sure you're still sticking with it. 

Step 5...

We change your life. Results guaranteed or your money back. Seriously. 

That's it. 

The 28 Day Memorial Day Meltdown is the perfect way to "test drive" Spurling, but you must act now because orientation is just a week away, and we can only take 3-4 more people. 

Are you in?

===>>> 28 Day Memorial Day Meltdown

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

PS: Change is hard, I know. But you have nothing to lose. Learn more and reserve your spot here today. ==>>> 28 Day Memorial Day Meltdown

PPS: Already a member of the Spurling Family? Forward this on to a friend that you think would benefit from this limited opportunity.