A Stonecutter in Fitness?

Have you heard the story of the stonecutter?

A stonecutter starts out with a big hammer and whacks a large rock as hard as he can, trying to split it. 

The first time he hits it, there's not even a scratch, not as much as a chip. 

He pulls back the hammer and unleashes another blow to the might stone once again and again-100, 200, 500 times and still nothing. 

After all the efforts the rock does not show even the slightest crack, but he keeps hitting it anyway. 

People pass and laugh at him for persisting, but the stone cutter is wise, he doesn't concern himself with what other people think. 

He knows that just because you don't see immediate results from your current actions, it doesn't mean you're not making any progress. 

He keeps hitting at different points in the stone, over and over again, relentless in his pursuit. 

At some point, possibly on the 800th 900th, or quite possibly the 2000th strike-the massive stone doesn't chip, it literally SPLITS IN TWO. 

Was it this one single hit that broke the stone in half?

Of course not. 

It was the constant focus and consistent effort the stonecutter applies to the challenge at hand that created the ultimate result. 

Sounds like a fitness journey, huh?

You workout once you don't see any results. 

You workout for a month and you don't see much for results. 

However, day in and day out of showing up, eventually you go to put your pants on and they fall right down. 

It wasn't from the workout the day before, it was from the consistent effort. 

1% better. 

Keep swinging your hammer! Don't let anyone get in your way. 

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

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