A Daily Huddle...

Each morning the team at Spurling has a quick "huddle" to recap how the morning went, what the plan is for the rest of the day and any big headlines. 

It keeps them on track, limits miscommunication, and assures everyone is on the same page. 

It's quick, 5 minutes, standing and stays positive.

It's just like before a play in a football game. 

They huddle up, go over what they want to happen, and assures everyone knows what they're doing. 

How can you apply this lesson to yourself?

Can you have a daily huddle with yourself?

A check-in to see what's going well, what you need to focus on and create an opportunity to be grateful. 

In this fast-paced 2017 world, we don't even create enough time to breathe, let alone anything else. 

It can be extremely beneficial to have a daily huddle with yourself to keep things on track. 

Maybe you do it in the morning right when you wake up. 

Ask yourselves questions like...

What went well yesterday?

What do I have planned today?

What are the 2-3 big things I need to get done today?

What is the one thing I'm going to do that's going to be me 1% better?

What am I grateful for?

Spend 30seconds on each question. 

3 minutes and you're done, but it keeps you laser-focused. 

You, of course, focus on all of the life's aspects but don't neglect when you're going to take care of YOU (fitness, nutrition, sleep, etc). 

If your mornings are not the right time you could do it at lunch time and assess how the first half of the day went and what you have going on the rest of the day. 

You could also do it late night and think about what went well that day, and what you have going on the following day. 

I find it really hard to believe that you don't have 5 minutes you can take to do this exercise. 

The amount of clarity it provides, the amount of productivity it creates, and the ease of mind feeling at the end of it that you get assures that this is a necessity in all of our lives. 

We all need daily accountability, this is just one way you can get it. 

Give it a try and let me know how you like it. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling 

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