That’s how many workouts I’d aim to get by the end of the year.


Today kicks off Q4, the final quarter of the year, the final 25%.

How are you going to finish 2019?

October is usually strong, other than Halloween we don’t have too many “lifestyle” obstacles.

Of course, as we head into November we start getting into the holiday season.

So, Q4 typically goes one of two ways…

We keep things dialed in from now until Thanksgiving, and then just try to maintain from Thanksgiving through the end of the year, maybe a slight push.

Or, we never buckle down and it snowballs into the holiday season and we never get back on track until the new year.

Hopefully, we’re hoping for the first option.

Setting realistic goals is big part of that.

50 workouts from today doesn’t sound like much, but as you can get into the second half of this quarter, it becomes tough.

Of course, make it your own goal, maybe it’s 40 for you, maybe it’s 75.

The more important point is your setting process-based goals and performance-based goals, not outcome based goals.

Meaning, you can control the process of how many visits, you can control your performance in the gym, but you can’t control the outcome.

The outcome only comes if we nail our process and performance based goals.

Setting a realistic visit goal for Q4 is a great process-based goal, you can track it, and it will most likely lead to your outcome based goals.

If you’re a client at Spurling, we have cards in the gym for you to track your 50 Workout Challenge, and we even give you a prize if you hit it!

Finish the final 25% strong.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling