Changing Lives Since 2012...

  I have lost 35 pounds! My body fat percentage went from 36% to 22%, and my jeans are three sizes smaller. I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years. If anyone asks me, I tell them, “I LOVE Spurling”! I look forward to going four mornings a week, and hate it if I have to miss a day.       -Sue

Meet Stephanie...

"I feel very strongly about my feelings towards the entire Spurling team and I truly believe it is important for folks to know they have influenced and/or impacted my life.  

It has been almost exactly four months since I first came in to see what you were all about. I remember telling you that I really didn’t like exercising as such and if I joined I wasn’t worried about dieting so much because I wasn’t going to negate all that work I didn’t like by eating stupid stuff!

I’m not sure what you have in the water or maybe you pipe in subliminal messages with the music, but whatever it is, it is true; Spurling is magic….I have drunk the Kool-Aid! I cannot believe that I look forward to coming to the gym. Now that school has started I find myself planning my times a couple of weeks ahead just so I make sure I get a spot. I somehow feel disappointed when I can’t come in three times per week or I have to cancel. I don’t feel disappointed in myself but like I’m missing my favorite thing in the world to do and not getting to hang out with my friends.


Mike Says...

"I met with Josh last week to record my stats and I am really pleased with my progress.  When I started at Spurling a little over 2 years ago I was at 180 lbs and 18%bf and now I'm at 168 lbs and 13.3% bf! I like the numbers, but I love how I feel physically even more..  

Although I've never really struggled with being overweight, I've never been particularly fit.  These past 2 years at Spurling have really changed my mindset about working out and fitness, meeting challenges, and slow but steady progress.  I've found that making a true commitment to showing up and trusting the coaches and the workouts they plan for me has made all the difference.  

I feel like I can do more physically now at age 56 than I could five years ago - I frequently ride 20 miles on my bike, I completed a 30 mile bike ride yesterday for the Dempsey Challenge, and I’m doing my second Spartan Race in November - all stuff I never would have done before I started at Spurling.

So the reason for this is to say THANK YOU to you and your team for all the hard work you put into making Spurling such a great place."


Sarah G. 

I came to Spurling with the goal of being under 200lbs. I wanted to feel better and have my clothes fit better. Before joining I was uncomfortable with my body, but all the coaches make you feel so positive. They make everyone feel comfortable no matter what. Since being a part of the Spurling Family I have lost over 30 lbs, my clothes fit better, I am eating better, and feel better about my body. I truly look forward to my time at Spurling. I know it's a time to work hard and escape from everyday life. They have all clients programs set up and are always there to coach you and really set you up for success



Ashley B.

Since starting at Spurling not only has my overall energy improved, but I feel more confident being in the gym. When I first started, I was concerned Spurling would not be the right fit for me. I quickly learned that the majority of clients are women who are in the same boat as me. I am getting stronger and tighter.  I really like the camaraderie that exists between Coaches and clients and members to members- it’s a very friendly atmosphere with a no judgment feeling. Spurling has a more intimate feeling than a larger gym facility. Having the combination of Coaches and a customized program is the best- that’s why I joined!


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