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Refer A Friend & Win a 4-DAY CRUISE to the Bahamas! 

Nothing is more awesome than having YOU a part of our STS Family. 


How much better would it be if we had more people that were just like you?

We know you have friends, family, and co-workers that want to give Spurling a try. 

Don't worry, we'll treat them extra special. We'll give them the extra care they need. 


If they purchase a membership, we'll give you 5 tickets into a raffle for a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas for two people! Plus, we'll give you 1 ticket just for them showing up for the initial Success Session, even if they don't continue. 

Enter their information below and we'll reach out to them to schedule a complimentary Success Session. 

YOUR Name (We want to give you all the credit you deserve) *
YOUR Name (We want to give you all the credit you deserve)
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THEIR Phone Number
I promise that this person is as awesome as I am! I also promise I got their permission to submit this information to you, and I gave them a heads up you'll be reaching out to them :) *