You'll Want One of These...

Can you believe it's already time for the kids to go back to school?

When you're out doing back to school shopping I recommend you pick up something for yourself. 

I snapped this picture when I was at Staples last week. 

Scrape up a couple dimes from the floor of your car and invest in a notebook like this. 

Trust me. 

I get one every year, and I'll tell you something, I wouldn't sell it for a million bucks! 


If there was a fire in my house, outside of my family, that notebook is the first thing I'm going to try and grab. 


You can use it for so many things...

An ideas journal...Do you ever get these random awesome ideas at the most absurd times? Me too! That's why I make sure I have this notebook with me. As soon as I can I crack it open and write it down. We know through research that putting ink to paper has a higher rate of success compared to typing, or not writing it down at all. Over 80% of the things you see here and at Spurling come from things written down in my notebook. 

A gratitude journal...We are all too hard on ourselves. We always want what someone else has. We're never satisfied with where we're at. It's human behavior. We also know that staying in that mindset can have negative impacts such as lack of motivation, lack of confidence, and even depression. I challenge myself to write down things that I'm super thankful for, good things that happened that day, and anything else to make me realize how far I've come today, this week, this year, and so far in life. 

A goals journal...If you were to crack open my notebook you'd find 8-10 pages that have the date written across the top, and then the question "What does success look like?" I'll then take each category: business/career, personal, financial, health/fitness, etc., and describe in detail what success looks like. Paint the picture of my ideal day. Paint that picture of what I want my finances to look like. From there, it's simply reverse engineering that into specific and measurable goals. 

A sketch pad...In my notebook, you'll find drawings of what I want on the gym walls, how the lobby should be laid out, or how we're going to organize the stations for the charity workout. Personally, you'll find "sketches" of what I want my wedding to look like, what things I'm going to see on my honeymoon, and a shopping list to Sam's Club. 

The greatness of a notebook lies in the simplicity of it. It's a blank slate and you can use it how you want. 

I'm all for to-do lists, checklists, and more "structured" planners. Heck, I use the Passion Planner for my daily to-do lists. 

However, nothing compares to writing things down, starting from scratch, and letting the goals, ideas, and thoughts flow. 

If anything, it helps you keep track of your goals, realize how far you've come, and paint a picture of what you want to happen in the future. 

What's in your notebook?

1% Better, Right?

-Doug Spurling

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