You Know...

A short and simple message today on this spring Friday…

A question to ponder about, a question to drink a cup of coffee over…

Are you really giving it your best?


Are you really giving it your best?

Only you can answer that.

Somedays, regardless of the outcome, the answer is yes.

Somedays, if you reflect back, the answer is no.

You know, we’re all self-aware enough that we know, in the moment, whether we’re giving it our best or not.

Giving it your best doesn’t always have to equal getting more done, or losing more weight, or checking more off your list, but it does mean that when you close your eyes at night, you can confidently say you did your best.

The world needs you, more than ever, to give your best.

Your family needs you to give your best.

You need to give your best.

Yes we can have technology and other human beings to tell us when we’re lagging, or to give us a kick in the butt sometimes, but you know when you’re not giving your best.

You know when you’re throwing in the towel early, you know when you’re dragging when you could be moving a little faster, only you know if you’re not giving it your best.

Again, depending on the day, giving it your best doesn’t always mean the same thing, but if you want results in life, fitness or otherwise, you need to give it your best….

Every. Single. Day.

Are you giving it your best?

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling