You Good?

“How are you?”


“How’s things?”


“How was the weekend?”


Let me call us all out…

It’s okay that some things in our life are not good right now, and we don’t always have to say “good.”

Every time we ask someone how they’re doing, why does the response always have to be “good?”

We see on social media how lavish someones life looks, they comment on how good things are going, or we see only their highlight reel…

But what we don’t see is how they’re actually hurting, struggling, and maybe crying out for attention.

We all know it deep down, but sometimes we are afraid to admit it when things are not going well.

Whether we’re talking about your fitness journey, your personal growth journey, or just life in general, it’s never this linear line of ever increasing successes and gains.

With any of that, is going to come some down moments, some learning opportunities, some failures, and that’s totally okay.

Now, I’m not here to be negative Nancy today, I just think it’s good to hear every once in awhile that it’s okay if you’re not “good.”

Sometimes I know I come across as go, go, go, rah, rah, rah, and the fact of the matter is I struggle with things too.

Now, hopefully I practice what I preach, have enough supportive people in my life and “tools in the toolbox” to get me out of it, but we’re all dealing with something at any given time.

Coach Kim has been open with her struggle with depression…

I’ve been open about struggling with my weight, and my ability to be present at home…

And you have your stuff.

We all do.

Do I believe that it’s never as bad as we make it and we can usually improve it through changing our mindset, beliefs, and surrounding ourselves with the right people?

You bet.

But that doesn’t change that we’re still dealing with it.

So, whether we’re talking struggles with your fitness, struggles at home, at work, or what have you, it’s okay if you’re not “good.”

We’ll be here for you.

1% Better.