Would You Be Able To Get Out?

Remember as a kid those goofy prizes you would win at the fair or the arcades?

Some would come in those plastic cups, some would be nasty candy, and some would be those tube-shaped straw things. 


Go back to those tube-shaped straw things. 

What were they called?

You remember those, right?

Chinese Handcuffs. 

You and your buddies would get them, and for about 30 seconds they were fun to play with. 

Do you remember the concept?

You would stick your fingers in the tube and when you went to pull them out....


They were stuck! 

You were "handcuffed."

The harder you tried to pull them apart, the tighter the straw got, and the stronger the handcuff became. 

The harder you tried to do what seems like the most sense, the worse off you became. 

Who would think that by sticking your fingers in FURTHER to the tube that that would loosen it up and you'd be able to free your fingers?

That story is my point I want to try to get across today. 

Sometimes what you think is the easiest route, what "common sense" would tell you is the right thing to do, may just actually push you further back, or hold you from your true potential. 

You get caught in the habits that look innocent enough and don't realize you've trapped yourself until you try to break free. 

You see other people enjoying success and assume they must be strong, more capable, or somehow better than you. 

You think that just trying harder, pulling more on the straw, is what you need to do. 

Consider trying something different. 


Take the pressure off. 

Try a new twist. 

If you're struggling with your fitness routine, 5 more hours on the elliptical may not be the answer. 

How about switching up your routine? 

If you're struggling with nutrition, starving yourself for two weeks only to bounce back again may not be the answer. 

How about finding a sustainable lifestyle?

Sure, there's a benefit of working harder. 

Working hard is part of the equation. 

However, no matter how hard you work pulling your fingers apart, that Chinese Handcuff is not going to break. 

You're not going to break free until you try something new, try a new technique, and potentially do something you didn't think was possible. 

Like, push your fingers further into the handcuff! 

How can you apply this lesson to fitness, nutrition, and other aspects of your life like relationships, careers, and more?

Let me know...

1% Better. 

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

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