Win The Day

This time of year there’s always a lot of talk about resolutions, goal setting, etc.

Trust me, if you know me well, I’m all for that stuff!

In fact, on Thursday at my Best Year Ever workshop that’s what I’ll be talking about.

However, we can never forget that there is something always more important than any of that.

Win the day.


Win it.

It’s great to have goals, it’s great to have ambitions, but ultimately they all require action in order for them to happen.

Quite often our goals are great, but they are too far away or too lofty for us to focus in on what exactly we need to do today.

Win the day is the a motto I try to live by, in fact, it’s just another way of saying 1% Better.

The daily strive for getting a little better and winning a day is ultimately so that you hit your goals and reach your visions, but without that daily focus, without bringing it from the “big picture” down to “What do I need to today?, that goals are often lost.

So, how do you know if you won the day?

Again, it’s just a mindset shift to help you focus on today.

If your goal is to get 15 workouts this month, winning the day is just checking the box that you got a workout in.

If your goal is to be consistent with reading, winning the day is reading 10 pages.

As you look at your goals for 2019 I suggest you break them down and set out the BIG 3 things you’re going to do each day to “win the day.”

If you get more than that accomplished, great, but we’re at least going to make sure we win the day and get those big 3 done each day.

For example for me…

-Write & read for 30 minutes every morning

-Move/Sweat for at least 30 minutes

-Connect with one client and one team member

Do I get more done? Of course…

But on a hectic day, when there’s a 2 hour delay, and now your entire routine goes out the window, I’m going to make sure I at least get those done.

Win the day.

Doing so will leave you in a more positive mindset, and ultimately increase your chances of hitting your long-term goals.

Now, go win the day!

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling