Will You Join Me?

She didn't know who her daughter was...

He thought he was on an Aircraft Carrier from World War II...

She thought she was late for work...

Unfortunately, those are real lines that I heard from residents back when I worked in a nursing home. 

Most people don't know that I got into the "wellness" or health field at the age of 14. 

My first job was a Physical Therapist Aide, and shortly after, I took a course at 16 to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. 

From junior year in high school through college, I worked at a nursing home taking care of patients with Alzheimers and Dementia. 

I would get them dressed, bath them, feed them, and care for them. 

It was one of the most humbling times of my life to date. 

I watched families cry, I watched residents pass, and I performed CPR too many times. 

Most of the residents didn't know what year it was, and they didn't recognize their kids when they would come to visit. 

It was sad. 

In just under a month, we'll be hosting our 3rd Annual Spurling Charity 5k, and this year 100% of the proceeds are going to A Place To Start. 

A Place to Start is a non-profit organization here in Kennebunk started with a mission of hope, help, and guidance for Alzheimer's families, and it was started by Sally, a member of our Spurling Family. 

As we reach capacity with our Spurling Fitness Tribe of 400 members, we will always continue to serve people outside our four walls of the gym, and our annual 5k is one of those ways. 

It's a great community day, food and drinks, music, plus we're raising money for a great organization, that I'm sure all of us can connect with. 

My ask today is that you register for our 3rd Annual Spurling Charity 5k

It takes place on August 18th, at 9:30 am. 

By registering, you'll know that 100% of your registration fee is going straight to A Place to Start and helping out Alzheimer's families. 

If you register you can run it, you can walk it, you can volunteer, you can just hang out and eat donuts (seriously, that's probably what I'll be doing), or you can not show up and treat it like a donation if you can't make it. 

Register today for the 3rd Annual Spurling Charity 5k. 

Make sure you take 30 seconds (just 3 clicks) and register today, it helps us with attendance projections, and allows Chris, our Race Director, to sleep at night, rather than panicking up until the last minute. 

I hope to see you on Saturday, August 18th, but if you can't make it, I hope you'll consider registering just to donate. 

I'll be back tomorrow to wrap up the week. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

PS: Don't delay, click here to register for our 3rd Annual Spurling Charity 5k.