Why Is Spurling So Expensive?

A little different post today…

Last week I did a focus group at the gym that I called “Design The Future of Spurling.”

Basically I took feedback from about 40 members on what they like, what they want to see change, and what new ideas they have.

We’ll then use that feedback to design the future of Spurling and set out to make as many of the changes requested happen as possible.

One of the questions that I asked was…

“What do you tell your friends about Spurling?”

Almost everyone said…

“It’s expensive, but…..”

And listed the reasons why they see the value.

I have about 101 posts planned based on the feedback from the other night (like how we’re nothing like CrossFit, our expansion plans, and how we’re going to add more changing rooms), but today I thought we’d address the line…

“Why is Spurling so expensive?”

Here are my top six answers…

  1. Anything that is the best is never cheap. We are expensive because we are the best at what we do. Sorry, but it’s true. According to industry experts we are the healthiest gym under 10,000 square feet in the country. If you want a good hotel you don’t expect to pay $49/night. If you want a good restaurant you don’t expect a dollar menu. Best and cheap don’t exist.

  2. It’s a value exchange. I hope that people see it as an investment, not an expense. Would you rather change your life, live longer, not be on medications (which probably cost more than a membership), and invest in your health, or not take care of yourself and be unhealthy? It’s an investment that gives you a return.

  3. You have to value coaching, accountability, and community. Those are our three uniques, and it’s what we focus on. If you don’t value having a coach with you at every workout showing you what to do, how to do it, and keeping you safe it’s not the investment for you. If you don’t value being held accountable, and being a part of a place that doesn’t just take your money and never reach out if you don’t show up, we’re probably not the place for you. And finally, if you don’t value being a part of a community, a group of people who all know each other, who all support each other, and who are all here to get better, it’s probably not an investment you’ll find value in.

  4. Think of us as a hybrid of Personal Training and a traditional Health Club. Typically personal training costs between $60-$100/hour. Which means if you wanted to come 2-3x per week you’d be paying upwards of $1000/month. A typical health club costs between $10-$100/month, but you usually just get to use their equipment and don’t get much, if any, guidance. We’re in the middle. You’ll be here with other people, so we don’t need to charge you $100/hour, but you’re never left on your own like at a health club. Our average membership comes out to about ~$20-$25/session.

  5. We all pay for stuff that others don’t find value in. That’s totally okay. Some love the $5 fancy coffee drinks, and others will just make coffee at home. Some love a fancy car with a big price ticket, others are okay driving the 1989 Toyota Camry still. Some love a big house with lots of stuff, others want nothing. Some spend their money on travel, some don’t. Some have a $200+ cable bill, others laugh at that. Some buy the latest iPhone, others just want anything that can make a call. I can go on and on. It’s not that Spurling is expensive, it’s just right for those who find value to it.

  6. We can’t be cheap. Think about it. The cheaper we are, the more members we need. We decide to cap our membership to make it feel less like a health club. The cheaper we are, the less coaching staff we can have. We decide to have a full-time coaching staff that this is their career, not just a hobby. We decide to have a coach with you at every workout. The cheaper we are the less we can hold you accountable. We decide instead to have a full-time coaching staff that part of their 40 hours is “accountability” where they reach out to people outside of the gym to see how they’re doing. The cheaper we are the less community things we can do, the less we can donate to charity, and the less impact we can make.

Here’s reality…

We want to help as many people as we can, and we have future plans to create more offerings outside of Spurling Fitness that can help more people.

However, we are the Ferrari of fitness.

Our goal is to deliver 10x the value, but this is an investment for most people (~$200/month).

And unfortunately, if you see it an an “expense” and not an “investment” we’re probably not right for you at this time.

Finally, it’s okay if we’re not a good fit for you.

You have to do what is right for you, and only you know what you value.

McDonalds and Fleming’s both serve beef, and they both have happy customers.

We're not bashing the health club or any other fitness offering, they are right for some people.

Spurling exists to impact, empower, and change the lives of those who are intimidated by the typical gym environment through strong coaching, relentless accountability, a family-like community, and a desire to get 1% better each and every day.

If that resonates with you at some point, we’ll be here.

We’re stronger than ever and not going anywhere.

If it doesn’t resonate with you, that’s cool too.

We still love you :)

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling