Which Train Are You On?

Just picture this...

There are two trains at the train station, both going to the same destination. 

For this time of year, let's say the destination is the North Pole. 

One train is the "good news" train. 

Everyone on there is happy, positive, and spreading the joy. 

On the other train, the "complain" train, people are making marks about how cold it is outside, complaining about everything that is wrong with their life, and pouting. 

Which train would you want to be on?

I don't know about you, but we're all here for a short time and a good time, I don't want to surround myself with negative people. 

That's part of the reason why I love the atmosphere at Spurling so much...

All of those people working out could be having a bad day, but you would never know it. 

They're always positive, smiling, and on the "good news" train. 

Life is like a rollercoaster. 

There're ups...

There're downs...

But we all "finish" back at the same spot. 

There's going to be times throughout your life where you want to complain about all the bad that's going on, and it can be hard to see any good. 

If you catch yourself on the "complain" train I challenge you to notice it, and request a transfer to the "good news" train. 

All we read about is how bad it is out there...

All we hear is fear...

I get it, but it's time to turn things around, stop worrying about things you can't control, and start taking action on things you CAN. 

It's a mental game...

If you're constantly surrounding yourself with negative people, giving yourself negative thoughts, you'll live on the "complain" train. 

However look for the positive in everything, create good news, and surround yourself with a community of happy, like-minded people. 

All of this is true in life...

And in fitness. 

We constantly give ourselves negative thoughts about how frustrated we are, how we can't do it, or how we are so terrible. 

Get off the train! 

Find a community, like Spurling, that will support you every step of the way, find the good in every situation, and turn that frown upside down :)

When we let fear in, it can paralyze us. 

Let's make the best of everything, catch the "good news" train, and exercise the control we have. 

Stay focused on living in the moment, invest in yourself, control your environment, how you spend your time, whom you spend it with, and make great choices. 

I'll see save a seat for you on the "good news" train. 

1% better, right?

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling