Which One Would You Choose?

The other day my wife, just about 5 months pregnant, comes in the door from work and says...

"You're going to hate me."

"Why?" I said...

"I had one of those new chicken sandwich things from Burger King."


I'm going to hate you because you had BK?



"I hope it was good!"

Now, 90% of that decision was probably something to do with hormones raging through her body right now, and the 10% had to do with just not caring at the moment. 

What's my point?

We've all had those moments, pregnant or not, that we know it's not the healthiest choice, and we do it anyways. 

And guess what...sometimes that's ok. 

You at least better really enjoy it :)

However, it's moments like this that continue to reassure that with nutrition coaching it's becoming less about education and more about changing behaviors. 

If I put that Burger King in front of you, and next to it put a bowl of veggies, which one would you choose?

You know the veggies are better for you, but your brain is going to go to the fast food.

In this 2017 world education is not the problem. 

We can google any answer we want. 

Now whether it's, in fact, true or not is a topic for another day.

For the most part, we know what healthy is. 

At least the 90% of it...

Good proteins, lots of veggies, drink lots of water and consume fewer calories.

We could spend time arguing the 10% of what protein is better, is sugar bad for you, and how many grams of fish oil do you need, but why do that when we don't even have the 90% down?

So, we're educated on the 90%, but why do we all struggle with nutrition?

(Trust me, we all do, even the coaches)

Behavioral habits. 

It's changing years and decades of habits. 

So what does it take?

A combination of two things:

1. The focus to work on one thing at a time. 

2. Continual Coaching & Accountability

Just like in exercise, it's the ability to just tackle one goal at a time that will breed a higher success rate. 

With nutrition, pick one area (more protein, smaller portions, etc) and put 100% focus on that until it is an ingrained habit. 

Only then do you move onto another habit...

As you continue to stack these habits and behavior changes you begin to build a healthier lifestyle. 

The second part of the equation is where the magic is made. 

The coaching and accountability behind it...

Having someone or a group of people to coach you through the process, share similar struggles and successes, and hold you accountable. 

That's exactly why we created our FLAG program.

Fat Loss Accountability Group

A 6-week program to coach you, hold you accountable, and lean on the other members of the group for support. 

With weekly meetings, daily check-ins, and a community that wants to see you succeed it all but guarantees the formula for success. 

With one currently going on, we're coaching 13 people through changing their nutrition habits, and there's been a lot of interest in when the next one starts...

The next round starts on April 3rd, registration closes on March 29th, and we're capping it to 20 people to keep it tight knit. 

Apply here ===>>> 6-Week FLAG Program

I'll be back tomorrow to shift gears from nutrition to something a little spicier. 

1% Better. 

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling