What's Your Why?

There's a great book I recommend everyone read called Start With Why.

It references a lot of business stuff, but it really simplifies down to human behavior. 

You see, Spurling is a gym, we deliver workouts and nutrition stuff, but WHY we do it is to change lives. 

The fundamental reason why we exist is to change your life, and we make all our decisions based upon that. 

It helps keep us grounded on what to focus on each day. 

If it doesn't change the lives of our clients we're not doing it. 

Even this daily e-mail you're reading. 

I do it because hopefully, a handful of you get a little spark of inspiration out of it. 

For me, that's all I need. 

The book talks about a circle that looks like this...

It's called the Golden Circle. 

Too many people start from the outside and go in. 

They focus on the what and the how about whatever they're doing. 

What am I going to do? I'm going to try to lose 20lbs. 

How am I going to do it? I'm going to go to the gym 3x per week and eat healthy. 

Sounds ok, right?

Simon Sinek and the Golden Circle challenges that in order to stick with something, in order to be truly emotionally bought into something, you have to start with WHY.

So ask yourself WHY do you want to lose those 20lbs...

Maybe you want to be confident in that new dress at your daughter's wedding...

You want to be around 20 years from now to see your grandkids graduate high school. 

Or maybe you want to a be a better mother, wife, father, husband, partner, or caregiver. 

That tugs at the strings of the heart. 

Losing 20lbs doesn't. 

Start with WHY.

Figure out the real reason behind WHY you want to lose that weight, or fit into that pant size. 

Find your why, and then move onto how you're going to do it, and what you're going to do. 

It's much harder to lay in bed, skip the gym, or eat that donut when you say to yourself, "is what I'm doing right now going to help me be around 20 years from now to see my grandson graduate?"

Find your true why and you'll be internally motivated forever. 

What's your WHY?

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

PS ~ If you're in the gym this week be sure to write your WHY on the chalkboard! 

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