What's Working?

As a business, the team and I do this exercise called "working, broken, confusing, and missing" a couple times a quarter. 

I think of it as an organized brain dump. 

You list out everything that's working, things that are broken, things that are confusing, and things that are missing. 

Inevitably there's always a handful of things on each list, but the "working" list is always the longest. 

We do this exercise for two reasons:

1. To see what we need to add/improve. 

2. To recognize that a lot of what we're doing is working really well. 

Just like you in your fitness journey, we aim to get 1% better every day as a business. 

It can be easy to focus on what's missing or broken, but sometimes it's best to recognize and triple down on what's working. 

So I ask you...

What's working really well in fitness, nutrition, and life in general for you?

Are you getting a couple servings of vegetables in?

Did you get a workout in this week?

Are you sleeping well?

Did you have a good time with your family?

I challenge you to do this exercise. 

Make a list with four columns and brainstorm what's working, broken, confusing, and missing in your life. 

Recognize and keep it positive by focusing on what's working. 

After that, then you can start to plug away at improving what's broken, confusing, or missing. 

It's easy to always focus on what you need to do more of but I'm challenging you to spend some time on all the great things. 

You're here. 

By reading this you're already ahead of 99% of people.

Keep it up. 

What's working for you?

1% Better. 

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling