What's the Point?

A Bugatti can go 257mph...

The fastest car in the world. 

At about 257mph it actually can go faster, but it starts to catch air, hover, and flips over.

Who was the person that figured that out?

A do a lot of pondering...

Like a freakish amount. 

I'm genuinely curious about why people think the way they do, how they're motivated, why some people have success, and others just chuck things up as losses. 

I quite often think about "what's the point?"


What's the point in life?

What's the end goal?

What's the gold standard?

What's the point in fitness?

Is it really to lose the belly fat?

That's a piece of it, but what happens after that?

We don't just stop exercising, and we certainly don't just instantly become happy. 

So, what's the point?

There are of course several aspects of it, but I think at its core, a piece of it is that Bugatti story. 

Trying to push the limits. 

To be the absolute best version of YOU. 

I won't stop until I am the best dad, the best husband, and the best leader to my team. 

I want to see what the limits are. 

How far can we go?

How many lives can we truly change?

How good we make the experience?

How good can our results be?


What are the limits of being the best partner, the best parent, the best co-worker?

That's what puts goosebumps on my arms. 

A Bugatti goes 257mph. 

It's not about the speed, it's the fact that they found the absolute limit. 

So often in life, we don't find our limits. 

We don't strive big enough...

We don't go all in and try to be a better person...

We just throw in the towel.

Push yourself. 

Not just physically, but in life, you can do more, you can be more, and it's just all about the drive to find everything that you can be. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling