What's The Goal?

If you're like me and everybody else when someone asks you what your fitness goals are you throw out things like...

"I want to lose 40lbs."

"I want to lose 5 pant sizes."

"I want to be 25% body fat."

What's the commonality between all of those goals?

They're all numbers driven...

Which can be fine sometimes if you can answer this question...


You see, what we find is most people in fitness and in life just set arbitrary goals that just sound good, and there's no justification for them. 

It's kind of like people who say "I want to make a million dollars!"


The true answer is...

They think that once they achieve that number their problems (financial, physical, emotional) are going to go away. 

Then they get there and they ask themselves...

"What's next?"

My goal for you is to realize that we can have goals that we want to achieve, but make sure you understand the "why" behind that goal, and if you're going to use a number, make sure it's a calculated number. Ideally, you're scoring your goals based on a feeling. 

What we find is the real reason people want to lose X number of pounds is not to actually hit that number, it's to achieve the feeling they think they'll have once they get there. 

Things like boosted self-confidence, increased self-esteem, and happiness comes to mind. 

So why not go after those as your goal?

Sure, there are some health benefits of being under a certain body fat %, and having a certain waist size compared to your height, so I'm not saying don't track the numbers. 

Just realize, that the achievement of those numbers won't change who you are. 

Fitness is a journey. 

It's like the horizon, it just keeps going, it never ends. 

That's why we say 1% better. 

Where we get into trouble is when we think let me just lose these 20lbs and then I'll be happy. 

It starts with the inside. 

Use fitness as a tool to change your mindset, your self-confidence, and your self-esteem, not a number on a scale. 

Are you with me?

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling