What's Behind Your TV?

I remember cleaning out my dorm in college one year and it came time to grabbing the TV...

All the wires behind it were so tangled I just bear hugged the whole damn thing and threw it in a box. (that very quickly stressed me out, if you know me, and as soon as I got home I took it out of the box and separated all the wires).

But you know what I'm talking about, right?

Look behind your kid's TV and you see all the wires to the game consoles, different routers, etc. 

What happens when you go to try to undo them?

You start working on one, you think you have it, and then another knot happens on the other side of the bunch. 

So frustrating! 

Christmas lights are the same way, right?


Because it's all connected. 

This is the perfect analogy for a 1% better lifestyle that we promote. 

You're going to have a tough time working on your fitness if your sleep and nutrition are crap. 

It's all connected. 

Think about it...

You have this great idea that you're going to go to the gym tomorrow. 

So you say, ok, just one more dessert. 

You devour a dessert the night before. 

The sugar keeps you up late (along with screaming kids) and you only get 4 hours of sleep. 

You sleep in because you're tired so you grab "something quick" for breakfast, it just so happens to be a donut. 

You're tired all day, so you're not productive at work. 

That stresses you out...

You were so tired you forgot to pack lunch so you do your best to pick up something healthy. 

As the day winds down you're so drained that you just tell yourself that you'll go to the gym tomorrow. 

Guess what?

This happens to all of us!

But there's do denying that it's all connected. 




It has to work together. 

That's why we promote 1% better. 

The above story all started because we tried to go "all-in" in one area. 

How about just chipping away, looking to get a little better every day. 

Maybe it's 20 more hours of sleep a month. 

Maybe it's 20 more grams of protein a day. 

Or maybe it's 20 minutes of quiet time to focus on YOU :)

Whatever it is, 1% better, every day, will always win out because you're getting a little bit better in all the aspects of improving your lifestyle, not just going gung-ho in one area, and thinking the other areas don't matter. 

So, what are you doing today to work on those wires, that 1% better?

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

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