What Would Happen If...?

What would happen if failure wasn't an option?

Think about it...

No possibility of failure?

What would you do differently?

Would you try new things?

Would you try harder at the things you're currently doing?

For some reason, failure has had this negative connotation. 

I think it probably started in academics when kids either passed or failed. 

Failure does not have to be a negative thing. 

Think about this...


You know, like the smartest people in the world. 

When they send a rocket off to space, it's off track 90% of the time!

Think about that!

90% of the time a NASA rocket ship is failing....

But it needs to fail. 

It uses the failures to adjust and stay on course. 

The failures are the guardrails. 

Think about all the great things...

The most delicious, best-looking cake. 

In the middle of making it the kitchen looks like a bomb went off, but we all judge the finished product. 

In the middle of the most intense surgery, it looks like a murder scene. 

We of course don't think about that, we think about the end result. 

The middle of a journey is messy. 

And you need to fail to know what the guardrails are. 


Two things to need to happen if you want to reach your full potential in anything in life (fitness, new career, more money, etc)...

1. You need to be ok with failing, and use it as a guardrail to keep you on track

2. You need to not associate failure with negative things. 

I fail every day. 

It could be that I failed to get everything done. 

It could be that I failed to manage a team member the appropriate way.

It could be that I failed to get a workout in.

But none of those "failures" are negative things.

They're just course corrections to keep me on the path to success. 

So, I'll ask you again...

What would happen if you couldn't fail?

Remove failure from the equation and that's how you should go about making your decisions. 

I know it's not easy, but you'll start to make better decisions, be more aggressive towards your goals, and thus, see better results. 

Remember back to to the rocket ship.

That's a great analogy for life. 

We're all going a million miles per hour every day, off track 90% of the time, but we still seem to get there, just like the rocket ship does. 

1% better. 

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

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