What Is Happiness?

We say it a lot...

We seem to all constantly strive for more of it...

It seems like we never can get to where we want it...

What is happiness?

It's been something I've been reflecting on lately.

There seems to be this premise around happiness that it is some equation, that once you do X, you get Y. 

If I could finally lose those 40lbs, I will finally be happy. 

If I could finally make $100,000, I will finally be happy. 

That premise though is flawed. 

Happiness is not a solvable equation. 

The problems you have that cause your unhappiness because you're 40lbs overweight, just turn into different problems when you've lost that weight. 

Life is a series of endless problems, so don't hope for that, hope for a life full of good problems. 

In order to lose those 40lbs, you're going to have the problems of having to devote 3-4 hours at the gym away from family and work. You're going to have the problem of not saying yes to every time your friends want to have wine and nachos.  

A problem, hopefully, a better problem than being 40lbs overweight, but still a problem. 

When you make more money that allows you to do more things, you now have more tax liabilities, bigger payment responsibilities (houses, cars, etc). 

Again, hopefully, better problems, but problems nonetheless. 

Problems are constant in life. 

Happiness comes from solving problems. 

The keyword there is solvable. 

Happiness is an activity, not something that just magically appears after something is achieved. 

It's not about avoiding problems, or not having problems, it's about solving problems, and always trying to get better problems.

It's the 1% better. 

True happiness occurs only when you find the problems you enjoy having and solving. 

The ones that see the most happiness in fitness are not the ones with the best results. 

Sure, they get results, but they just love the day to day process of solving problems. 

They solve the problem of joining the gym.

Then they have the problem of the fear of looking stupid. 

They solve that by walking through the doors every day and having a supportive team around them. 

Then they have the problem of not getting results. 

They solve that by making sacrifices with work, life, and family to improve their fitness and nutrition. 

Life is full of problems. 

Not in a depressing way, but just in a real way. 

The problem is (pun intended) most people see problems as a negative thing. 

The goal is to find problems that you love solving, then, and only then, will you find true happiness. 

1% Better, Right?

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

PS: I'd love to hear your definition of happiness. Just reply and let me know...