What Does It Mean to Be "Spurling Strong?"

Yesterday I wrote about our motto of 1% Better. 

I hope you enjoyed it and would love to hear your examples of 1% Better. 

Today I want to share the story of Spurling Strong, a sister motto of sorts that is used alongside 1% Better. 

It's no secret that my last name is on the business. 

I take it as an extreme responsibility to keep our brand strong and loyal, but my last name is on the building not for me, but for someone else. 

If you've read my story before you may know that I lost my mom to stage four lung cancer. 

She was 52 and I had just turned 21 at the time.

She taught me everything growing up and really helped build my foundation for who I am today.

Just like a lot of the great moms out there. 

She was diagnosed in October of 2009 and fought a hard battle up until her final day on June 14, 2010. 

I can think of so many examples of her being "Spurling Strong."

The day she had to sit down and tell my brother and me at the dinner table that she had cancer. 

The day she had to go try a wig on because she had lost all of her hair. 

The day she attempted to get out of the hospital bed because she wanted to see my brother's high school graduation. 

And finally, the day we laid by her side at the Hospice House squeezing her hand, and she was strong enough to let go knowing that she raised two boys that would do just fine on their own. 

She was Spurling Strong. 

When I opened the facility I didn't put my last name on the building for me, I put it on there for her. 

Every day I wake up with a fire, this desire to get 1% better, this growth mindset to always be improving things, and the ability to leave a legacy by changing so many people's lives because I see her name in everything I do. 

That's how Spurling came about, and that's her story of Spurling Strong. 

We all have our own story...our own book we're writing. 

As clients become part of our family when they join they soon get to build their own story of Spurling Strong. 

It may not be fighting cancer, although we have several clients that have conquered that fight, it's your story about getting 1% better, about becoming a better version of you. 

Spurling Strong is being able to run around with your kids and not get winded. 

Spurling Strong is being able to have the confidence to wear that bikini this summer. 

Spurling Strong is being able to take that bag of dog food and sling it over your shoulder as your husband watches in amazement. 

Spurling Strong is the confidence to leave a steady job because you're miserable, and do something you love. 

It's the strength within you to keep fighting, to become not only physically stronger but mentally and emotionally stronger too. 

It's the strength to not give up, to not compare yourselves to others, to focus on your journey, and build your story. 

I'm fortunate enough to know hundreds, if not thousands of Spurling Strong stories. 

We all have our own story.

What's yours?

It's a true honor to see Spurling everywhere I go, and I use it as daily motivation to leave the biggest impact possible for the short time we're all here. 

Whether that's in business, in friendship, or in family, I'm here to leave a legacy, just like my mom did with Spurling Strong. 

I'd love to hear how you resonate with Spurling Strong. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

PS: I'll be back tomorrow to finish the week strong :)