What do you need today?

I’ll guess the short answer to that question is more coffee, or maybe a little more sleep.

Or maybe you need your fantasy football defense to force a lot of fumbles Thursday night.

Either a way, I think asking this question, to yourself, to your significant other, or to your employees and coworkers is important. Once we get to be a certain age, people stop asking questions about our needs. We’re adults, we have responsibilities, bills, work to do and general “adulting” to do.

I would argue that the older we get, the more important the question becomes simply because it isn't asked as often. So don't be surprised when one of the coaches asks you what you need today when you walk in the door for your next training session.

Your first answer to the question might be nothing. 

"I don’t need anything. I’m good."

Or maybe your answer to the question is general.

"I just need to know that my form is good." 

But if you spend a little more time sitting with the question, your answer may surprise you.

“I need to be left alone. Work was non-stop today - I answered emails and phone calls and there was a steady stream of people in my office.”

Maybe you're just not feeling it; the day was a grind and it was everything you could do to just get in the gym.

"I need a cheerleader today."

"I need you to play Gloria Estefan's "Conga" as loud as you can."

Maybe you need to laugh, maybe you need to cry, or maybe you need 20 minutes to vent about the fact that you forgot to put coffee in your coffee pot that morning and woke up to a big ‘ol pot of hot water. (Sadly I'm not making this one up).

And that’s how the day started. 

Regardless of what it is you need, we’d like to do what we can to help. And our commitment to you is to check in and see what to need to make your day just a little better. 

Because 1% better isn’t limited to performance.