We Let You Down...

Did you know that 83% of people don't belong to a gym?

Are you a part of the 83% that don't?

Trust me, we get it. 

As an industry, we have let you down. 

For decades joining a gym meant that you paid a monthly fee to "rent equipment."

You swiped your card, had access to all this stuff but had no clue how to do it, let alone do it safely, and forget someone to hold you accountable. 

I can only imagine how intimidating that is to the person new to fitness.

But what if I told you there was another way?

Our mission at Spurling is to change that 83% and make a bigger impact on people's lives. 

Education is not the problem in 2017. 

We know what exercises are out there, we can google all kinds of workouts, we know what healthy food is, etc.

The problem? 

We as humans need coaching & accountability.

What exercises are safe and appropriate for you? That's good coaching.

Are you doing them safely? That's good coaching.

What keeps you motivated and coming back? That's accountability.

Are you working with a coach that cares whether you show or not? That's accountability. 

In 2017, we need more coaching and accountability, we don't need any more diet books, quick fixes, or fancy new equipment, we just need good coaches holding you accountable.

So, speaking for our industry, I'm sorry. 

We don't need to overwhelm you with more space, more equipment, and more access. 

We just need to coach you, mentor you, hold you accountable, and make sure you're having fun. 

The good news...

That's the way Spurling has been operating since we opened over 5 years ago, and that's the reason why we've changed so many lives. 

When you join Spurling you don't join a gym...

You join a family. 

And just like you do with your family, we're going to push you, we're going to motivate you, we're going to support you, and we're going to bring out the best version of YOU.

Every single day we'll be right by your side.

If you're interested in dipping your toes in the water we have 3 spots left in our Six Week Transformation Program that starts on this Monday where you'll receive all the coaching and accountability you need to lose that stubborn fat, build lean muscle, and most importantly, have fun doing it. 

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I had to get that out there because there are way too many people that are scared and intimidated of the gym and think that's the way it will always be.

I'll be back tomorrow to wrap up the week.

1% Better, Right?

Dedicated to Your Sucess,

Doug Spurling