We Have An Announcement...

We have a name change.

As many of you have probably noticed, the Spurling brand has been slowly undergoing a change. As of last week, we officially became Spurling Fitness.

And as of today, we have a brand new logo.

This logo took us a few weeks to overhaul as a staff, which in Doug time, was about seven years. :)

Why the name change?

Spurling Training Systems began as a gym for athletes, and the name and original logo reflected that goal.

Over time, however, it wasn’t the athletes, but the parents of those athletes, and specifically the mothers of those athletes, who began streaming through our doors. Over the last five years, we’ve morphed into a place where the mothers and grandmothers empower themselves by pushing sleds, slamming med balls, and deadlifting, in some cases, more than their children.

Fitness is more reflective of who we’ve become as a gym; to the wholistic approach, we take to health - in understanding that there is more to health and fitness than just exercise. It’s nutrition, it’s exercise, and it’s learning how to be the best version of yourself day in and day out.

Why the Spurling name?

Doug’s mother Michelle passed away from cancer not long before Spurling opened its doors in 2012, and Doug put the Spurling name on the business as a way to honor his mother and her influence on him. Over the past five years, Spurling has come to mean, we hope, more than a gym. Spurling was founded as a community, of positive change, of measurable challenge, and support.

Why the infinity symbol?

In a vision meeting last December, when the employees were tasked with coming up with a “mascot” for the gym, two out of the three groups came up with an infinity symbol. We know that the fitness journey is just that; a journey. We are committed to 1% better every day with the understanding that it’s not about arriving. Sure we set goals and move to achieve them - but the process is fluid and ever changing. And we want to remind you that happiness doesn’t live at a destination - at a certain weight or certain pants’ size. We don’t arrive at fitness and we don’t arrive at happiness - we work to get a little better every day.

Welcome to Spurling Fitness!

New site >>> http://spurlingfitness.com/

Thank you for joining us on the journey, it's been fun, and we're looking forward to continuing to change lives, change the way fitness is done, and get 1% better every day right along with you!

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling