We Did It!

Last night I got to witness my son, Kaden, walking for the first time. 

It was quite the hour and it couldn't have come at a better time. 

For those who follow us closely, we're under a major renovation this week at the gym....

All new flooring, new equipment, paint, contractors, etc.

A very stressful week to say the least. 

After a long day, I picked up Kaden at daycare and they mentioned he took a few steps. 

Once Megan and I got home we decided to test him out. 

The next hour was quite the sight....

He would take a few steps, and then fall. 

Hop right back up...take a few more steps....and fall.

Hop up again...take a few more steps...and fall. 

This went on for a solid thirty minutes...his legs were so tired and he was sweating. 

It was a moment I'll never forget. 

A few lessons I pulled out of it...

We talk about only having good days and great days. 

Yesterday was a great day. 

It's crazy how things can change so quickly. 

I went from stressed out, worrying about everything that is still left on the "to do" list for renovations, to the proudest dad, in the snap of a finger. 

It changed my whole day. 

Also, imagine the grit and determination Kaden had. 

He kept falling, yet every time he stood up he knew what was possible, and he kept trying, even after failing so many times. 

We can learn a lot from that. 

Finally, why yesterday?

Why not a week ago, why not a week from now?

Why not next month?

It was time, he was finally ready, he found the confidence to try. 

Always a lesson, not just in fitness, but in life. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

PS: And yes, I know, now the real fun begins with him walking :)