We Can't Stop It...

We can only determine its use. 


We can't stop it, we can only determine its use. 

Our most valuable asset. 

We chase things like more money, bigger houses, cars, and other materialistic things. 

Yet, those are all renewable, we always have the option of more. 

However, we don't put enough scarcity to time. 

The clock is ticking, it never stops, and we only have a finite amount of time left. 

Doesn't the scare you?

It should. 

Imagine if it didn't.

People always say...

"I wish I had more time."

"I need more hours in the day."

Well, we know that's never going to happen. 

And two, I'm quite confident that if we had more time we would fill with it with the same things we do now. 

Parkinson's Law. 

I've talked about it in the past.

In short, work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

If you have 40 hours to do something, it will take you 40 hours. 

If you have 50 hours to do that same thing, it will take you 50 hours. 

But I digress.

Last night Megan and I sat on the couch flipping through Kaden's baby book. 

As she cried (men don't cry, right?), we looked at pictures of the day he was born, pictures of each month's milestone, and memories of his first year. 

On Sunday Kaden will turn one. 

This last year has flown by, just like I'm sure every year will, as I always hear from those who have kids that are my age. 

We can't stop time, but we can determine its use. 

Since Kaden was born, my priorities have shifted.

He is the reason I have to say no to the guy that e-mails me and "just wants to pick my brain for 5 minutes."

He's the reason you won't see me in the gym on Fridays, the reason I write this e-mail at 530am every morning, and the reason I work so hard when no one is watching. 

Time with Kaden. 


We can't stop it, but we can determine its use. 

To tie it to fitness, nutrition, or any other "personal development" area of life, that's really what we're after. 

We need to fit it in, we need to make the time for it, for us, because although we can't stop time, we certainly can determine its use...

and taking care of you may be the only thing that can "buy" you more time. 

More time with your loved ones, more time to make an impact, and more time to leave a legacy. 

We can't stop it, but we can determine its use. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling