Two Lenses To Look Through...

I remember in college looking through a microscope…

I hated it.

My big head seemed like it could never get close enough, and I couldn’t get the eye squint just right to see anything.

But I microscope is an important tool.

A lens to look at things in detail.

However, we also can’t forget about the telescope.

I never have a memory as a kid of having a telescope and setting it up to lookout my bedroom window at all the stars, I’m sure I’ll do it with Kaden one day.

But a telescope serves a different purpose…

It’s looking out, it’s looking forward.

Two lenses, microscope and telescope.

We need both.

There are times in life, in fitness, in business that we need to look at things in depth, in detail.

Maybe that is looking at my daily to do list, looking at how many grams of protein I got in today, looking into how many calories I consumed, or what exercises I should do today.

It’s the detail, it’s the picking apart stuff.

In my humble opinion, that is only 50% of the equation, it’s only balanced out with the telescope lens.

We need to spend some time thinking about why we’re doing what we’re doing…

We need to get really clear on what we want success to look like in 12 months…

We need to look at how what we’re doing now is impacting the future…

It can be daunting to monitor your calories or track your workouts (microscope)…

But you always know it’s worth it because those are just baby steps and details that bring you closer to the never ending pursuit of happiness, hitting your goals, fulfillment, and a healthier life (telescope).

We need both lenses.

They balance each other out.

Always look at which lens you’re looking through and decide which one you maybe need to spend some more time on.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling