Tomorrow's Meeting


It may be my favorite word. 

What does strong mean to you?

You see, the reason why I love the word so much is it has a unique meaning for each person. 

When we quickly think of strong we may think of muscle-bounded gym rats, but that's really not the case. 

Strong takes on a definition that only you can create. 

Strong is...

Strong is being able to not ask for help lifting your trailer tailgate off the ground. 

Strong is being able to carry in that 50lb bag of dog food. 

Strong is being able to put yourself first. 

Strong is being the best parent you can be. 

Strong is taking initiative in your career and paving your own path. 

Strong is saying no to things that distract you from what really matters. 

Strong is fighting for what you believe in. 

Strong is having the willpower to make the hard decisions that will ultimately move you closer to your goals. 

Strong is walking through the doors of a new gym and admitting you need help. 

Strong is being emotionally fit enough to handle life's ups and downs. 

Strong is...


Only you determine what strong means. 

Tomorrow we're hosting our Spurling Charity Workout to benefit Maine Cancer Foundation.

We've done it every year since we've been in business and have raised thousands for fighting cancer right here in Maine. 

When we think of those who are fighting and those who have fought the very tough battle of cancer, we think of strong. 

Tomorrow we meet up to have some fun, raise some money, and show some support for those who are strong. 

The workout kicks off at 8:30 am, so please arrive 15 minutes early to find parking and get signed in. 

We'll have you back home by 9:45 :)

I hope to see you there. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

PS: If this is the first time you're hearing about the event tomorrow, learn more and RSVP here