This Might Be....

This might be the most common trait needed to long-term success.

In fitness, and in life in general, we know we default to looking for the quick fix.

We also know that it can be very easy to get caught up in the weeds…

Should I eat organic or not?

How many servings of vegetables should I have?

Which exercises are best for me?

Should I do strength training, circuit training, or yoga?

I’ve talked in past writings about the two key drivers to success in health…

Frequency & Nutrition.

That may seem obvious, but you do have to show up in order to get results :)

We also know that you can’t outwork a bad diet.

I wish you could, trust me, but we can’t.

I’m a perfect example of that right now, I can’t expect results until I clean up my nutrition.

But, I was thinking, it goes further than that.

I think the most common behavior for long-term success is…

The ability to stick with it, stick with it when things get tough, and stick with it in the long-term.

Seriously, the amount of people that stop something because one thing goes awry is mind boggling.

This is true not just in fitness, but in life in general.

We often quit something too soon.

The moment we’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before something great is going to happen.

The ability to stick with it, when things are tough, when you don’t feel like it, might be the biggest key to success.

We had a client in the gym, doing what she could, getting modifications from the coaches, after fracturing her pelvis!

Do you have any injury?

You typically have three other limbs and a core we can work around.

Are you feeling tired, stressed, and no energy?

Working out is the greatest tool for that.

Health and fitness is not something that ever ends.

That might be scary to hear, but hopefully that excites you.

There is always something to get better at, there is always something to celebrate, there is always a win to be had.

The ability to stick with it, when you’re busy, when you don’t feel like it, when you have 10,000 other things going on in life, that might be the biggest key to long-term success.

We just created a “Visits Club” at the gym.

350 lifetime visits, 750 visits, 1000 visits, etc.

There is one person in the 1000 visits club (yay, Lynette).

Getting your name under the 1000 visits club is a great goal for everyone.

After that?

2500, 5000, …10,000?

My point is, sticking with it might be the biggest key to success.

We’re focused on fitness here, but apply to this to any area of your life.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling