50 Things You Can Change Today For Better Results...

Too often we focus on shrinking, less, and what we need to cut out or remove. 

But why not focus on what we can ADD?

Here are 50 things you can add today for better results.

More Sleep

More Protein

More Vegetables

More of a Growth Mindset

More Relaxation

More Strength Training

More of the 1% Better Mentality

More Gratitude

More Planning and Preparing

More Smiles

More Family Time

More Walking

More Standing

More Heavy Weights

More FUN

More Friendships

More Community

More Accountability

More Empowerment

More Consistency

More Vitamin D

More Greens

More Presence

More Commitment

More Fish Oil

More Play

More Kindness

More Authenticity

More Foam Rolling

More Soft Tissue Work

More Positivity

More Encouragement

More Support

More Reading

More Meditation

More Glute Work

More Core Work

More Mobility Work

More Interval Training

More Stretching

More Small Changes

More Habits Built

More Water

More Journaling

More Eating Until Your 80% Full

More Action

More Single Leg Exercises

More Recognition

More Crawling 


I could keep going on and on. 

My point today was to try to get you to shift the mental gear about how it's all negative, it's all about removing stuff, shrinking, and doing less of things you love. 

What's always fun to watch is when you focus on that growth mindset and look at all the things you can ADD, the results go through the roof. 

Talk tomorrow...

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling