The Worst Month In Fitness


Especially if you're in Maine, but really anywhere, August is tough. 

It's the dog days of summer, the beach is calling your name, and the last thing you want to do is a workout. 

It’s the time of year for vacations, BBQ's, maybe some final plans with the family before the kids head back to school next month, it can be the worst month for workout frequency.

Guess what?

That's totally okay. 

Complaining about it, being negative about it, and worst case, not doing anything, is the last thing we want to do. 

This time of year I always remind everyone (myself included) of the laps around a track analogy. 

If our journey is a track, and results or drive is measured by the speed or distance at which we cover the lap, August may be a "walking" month. 

What do I mean?

Certain months of the year we're in a full sprint around the track. 

Things are locked in, we're feeling motivated, attendance is high, and we're going hard. 

For most that works well for January, February, March, September, October, and November. 

Let's call that half the year. 

But you can't be sprinting all the time, you'll burn yourself out. 

There are some months where you're just jogging around the track, you're making progress, but you're also not as dialed in as you would be in "sprint mode."

For most, that tends to fall in April, May, and June.

Finally, we have the "walking" mode.

We're still moving, we're still showing up, but the bar is not set too high. 

For most, those months are July, August, and December. 

Think of anything else in life. 

It's never the same every month. 

There is seasonality. 

Your life has seasonality. 

The most important thing?

We never stop moving. 

We never stop showing up. 

You may only get 3-4 workouts in during a month like August or December, but you're still moving. 

You may get 15-20 workouts in January because you're feeling motivated and ready to kick butt. 

There is no right answer, and there's only one wrong answer...

Doing nothing. 

You see, it's the months where we only "walk" or "jog" the breed the motivation and give us the energy to go hard during the "sprint" months. 

You know how hard it is to get back into something after not having done anything in a long time. 

That's why even a handful of workouts in August can be a win, as long at it gives you the kickstart to dial things in after labor day. 

August is tough. 

I get it. 

But keep the progress going, keep the laps going around the track, and just show up. 

We'll take care of the rest. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling