The Rule You Must Follow...

I'm huge on systems. 

You know what I'm talking about, things like operational procedures. 

How to do things step by step...

So, just like everything else in this business, even this daily e-mail has a "system" to it. 

I don't write them ahead of time, and always just write what I think will benefit you the most in that moment. 

However, each day kind of has a theme. 

Mondays are more motivational.

Tuesdays I usually share one of the fellow coaches pieces of work.

Wednesdays are usually workout focused. 

Thursdays are usually a mindset shift. 

Fridays I try to keep it light and funny. 

Aside from that schedule, I also know that they are written before 9am and scheduled to go to your inbox at noon.


No real reason. No real statistic. 

It just keeps me honest and consistent. 

Take that for what it's worth. See how you can relate to it and maybe help out your day to day stuff. 

So, with today being Wednesday and more of a "technical" or workout focused day it got me thinking. 

I didn't just want to throw another workout to you because that's really not us. 

We don't just provide workouts. 

In fact, workouts are the smallest piece of what we do. 

We coach you through those workouts, and more importantly, hold you accountable.  

So, instead of giving you just another workout, I wanted to share a quick rule you can follow in all of your workouts. 

You see, just like in nutrition, information is not the problem. 

You know what to do. You can find workouts. 

You just need coaching and accountability.


So one of the best rules I can share with you I call the 2 rep rule.  

It goes like this...

So you have your workout and it says to do 10 reps of something. 


Squat for 3 rounds of 10 reps. 

or...4 sets of 6 reps, etc. 

Whatever it says to do, you usually don't want to change that because that volume (sets X reps) is based on your goals. 

For example, they'll be a slightly different outcome if you do 8 reps of something vs 12 reps. 

But what you can do is follow the 2 rep rule. 

If you're supposed to be going 10 reps and you KNOW you could do 2 or more reps after the first's time to increase the weight. 

If you get WITHIN two reps, 8-12 reps, in this case, the weight is probably just right for you. 

If you can't get within 2 reps, say in this case, you're only getting 5-6 reps, the weight is probably too heavy. 

This is a good quick rule to know when to increase weight in a routine. 

If you knew you could do 2 or more reps then what the program said to do, next set jump up in weight. 

Ideally each week you're going up 2.5-5lbs on each exercise. 

And don't worry ladies, going heavier won't make you big and bulky, that's an old myth. 

Getting stronger only makes you sexier, more confident, and give you an enormous feeling of empowerment!

So, next time you're in your workout, ask yourself "could I do 2 more reps?"

If the answer is yes, bump up the weight. 

That's what it's all about. 

1% better every day. 


I'll be back tomorrow with some more goodies :)

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

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