The One Thing...

Today is always a fun day in the gym. 

The energy is good, everyone is excited to get back into it after the holidays, and we're all motivated with the goals we set for 2018. 

I love it. 

We'll keep rolling with the momentum as long as we can. 

But while we're doing that, I think it's important to remember one thing.

What's the difference between the person that loses interest after a couple weeks or months and the person that is celebrating their goal achievement at the end of 2018?

One thing. 

No, that's it. 

One thing. 


Pick one thing to conquer. 

One goal. 

One action item every day. 

Research shows when you try to tackle one change or goal your success rate is over 80%. 

However, when you try to tackle multiple changes or goals your success rate drops down to less than 35%. 

Think about that. 

Multi-tasking is the devil! 

I know you're excited.

I am too.

But don't try to change everything today. 

You'll get there. 

Enjoy the process. 

It's going to be hard. 

You're going to mess up. 

You'll have setbacks. 

But it's all about one thing. 

What's the one goal, and what's the one thing you're doing today to make progress towards that goal?

One thing. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

PS: We're just about a week away from orientation for our 6 Week Transformation Challenge. If you're looking to make a change in 2018 this is for you. We're only taking 20 people and when I checked this morning we only had a few spots left. Check it out here.