The One Thing

It's a lot. 

I get it. 

You're being fed information left and right, and not sure what to believe.

You know so many things you COULD be doing, but you end up getting overwhelmed, freeze and don't end up doing anything. 

My challenge to you. 

The One Thing. 

(It's also a great book, too)

Pick one thing you're going to do today to move the needle. 

It could be showing up at the gym. 

It could be taking a 20 walk around the parking lot at lunch. 

It could be choosing to bring your lunch instead of buying it. 

Heck, it could be calling a loved one to tell them you love them. 

My goal is to always over deliver and always add value, but I know that sometimes it's a lot to take in. 

As we approach the halfway point of 2017 I challenge you this week to get clear on what success looks like the rest of the year. 

Picture yourself watching the ball drop on December 31 and what has to change between know and then?

It could be personal stuff, work stuff, fitness, nutrition, relationships, etc. 

Once that's dialed in it's about the ONE THING. 

Each day pick one thing that is going to move you closer to your goal. 

You can conquer the world. 

You can change your life. 

It just starts with one thing. 

Pick one thing, crush it for the day, and repeat the every single day. 

What's your one thing today?

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling