The One List You Must Make Everyday...

If you can't tell I am about as Type A as you can find. 

Everything is time urgent, I keep massive to-do lists, and I aim to get 1001 things done each day. 

One of my coaches and weekly contributor here, Coach Kim, always says to me...

"Doug, when would you like this done. Yesterday, right?"

As I prepare (as much as I can) for baby boy Spurling to arrive in August, I know my productivity and time management will disappear. 

In prep for that, I'm working on a few things that I thought I'd share with you as a valuable lesson on time management and taking time for YOU. 

First off, I aim to get three things done each day. 

I limit my to-do list to just three things. 

If more happens, great, but if these three things get done, it's a win for the day. 

My to-do list for each day used to be dozens of items long. 

There's always ways we can do things better, meetings that can be held, projects that can be worked on, and I would put it all on one day. 

My coach (yes, even we have coaches) cracked the whip on me and got me to limit my to-do list to three items. 

Three big rocks. 

Three things that are the most important on that day. 

It's been tremendously helpful in not overloading my to-do list, and forcing me to focus on what is most important on that given day. 


Second, and I think the more valuable lesson that I'm working on is creating a "not to do" list. 

It's still a work in progress, but basically, I'm outlining the things I'm not going to allow myself to get distracted by, the items that are just busy work and not part of the big three rocks mentioned above, and things that I need to say no to. 

By creating this not to do list it allows me to focus even more on those big three rocks. 

In our world, there will always be 1001 things you could be doing, things you could be saying yes to, but what are you saying no to?

I'm trying to say no to a lot more. 

So, my challenge for you...

If you create a daily to-do list try to keep it to the big three rocks.

What are the big three things that MUST get done that day? 

Really prioritize what are the three most important things. 

Second, start creating a not-to-do list. 

A list of things that you say no to, things that distract you from the more important tasks, and things that don't help you get 1% better. 

Creating this list has been a game changer for me, and should you choose to implement it, I know it can help you. 

I'll be back tomorrow with another dose of my daily motivational medicine :)

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

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