The One Ingredient You'll Always Need...

I'm a terrible cook. 

Luckily I have a great wife that doesn't mind cooking, and the invention of the crock pot helps too. 

There are only about four things that I can execute on in the kitchen. 

Making coffee. 

Scrambled Eggs. 


Homemade Pizza. 

Hey, it's better than nothing, right?

Anywho, what's that have to do with today's lesson?

In any of those above selections, there is always at least one ingredient you need. 

I could make coffee 100 different ways, but I still need coffee beans. 

I could make a pizza 100 different ways, but I still need a dough. 

When it comes time to fitness, and especially nutrition, there is one ingredient you'll always need. 

Any guess?


It's the core of success. 

In our eyes, a successful equation looks like this:

Success = Coaching + Community + Accountability

Ideally, for best success, we have all three. 

However, if I only had to pick one, I'd probably pick accountability. 


It doesn't matter if you're working out with us, at another gym, at home, on vacation, if you don't have some form of accountability you will not succeed. 

It's human nature. 

We will do everything to find the easiest way, the path of least resistance. 

We will say yes to doing something for someone else to say no to ourselves. 

It's why you try to workout at home and very rarely have success, there's no one there holding you accountable. 

We need some form of accountability. 

Always and forever. 

I don't think we ever reach a point where we don't need some type of accountability. 

I need it. 

You need it. 

We all need it. 

We aim to integrate accountability into our process here by doing a few things:

1. You have to schedule all of your sessions so it's an appointment you don't want to miss

2. We are waiting for you at the gym, expecting you, and you don't want to let us down

3. We e-mail/Facebook you every single day :) Sometimes annoyingly, but you hear from us every day. 

4. We check in regularly, track progress, and make sure you have some goals. 

That and other ways is how we build in accountability, but you need to find what accountability looks like for you. 

Maybe it's having a workout buddy. 

Maybe it's saying you're going to go the gym on social media and that way you don't want to let them down. 

Maybe it is joining our community or another community, that support you throughout this journey. 

Just like you'll always need beans to make coffee and eggs to make eggs, you will always need accountability to make fitness and nutrition a success.   

How are you held accountable?

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling