The Niagara Syndrome...

One of my favorite parts about the honeymoon was the late night hot tub conversations...

You know what I'm talking about. 

You get back from dinner and you want to unwind, so you head over to the hot tub. 

On any given night there were 4-5 other couples there, and I'm always interested in meeting new people so I love it. 

I always admire someone older than me, what they've done, how they've done it, and what I can learn from them. 

Aside from that crowd (plenty of stories for a later day), we also met a couple our age (27), and they were talking about some of the coolest places they've been. 

She was talking about how they just finished up a trip to Niagara Falls and tried out the new zip lining that goes over it. 

Cool, huh?

And of course, me being me, I started thinking about how Niagara Falls relates to life, and what we can learn from it. 

Hear me out...

Life is like a river. 

Most people jump on the river of life and they don't really decide where they want to go. 

So, what ends up happening?

They get caught up in the current...

Current events, current fears, current challenges, etc. 

When they come to a fork in the river, they don't actively decide which direction they want to go. 

So they just go with the flow...

They go wherever the river (life) takes them, and they blend in with the masses. 

They feel out of control and scared because they don't know what's around the corner. 

They just keep going with the flow, letting the environment control their life. 

One day they wake up to the sound of raging water, and they realize they're five feet from the Niagara Falls in a boat with no oars...

They're going to take a fall...

It may be a physical fall, a financial fall, or an emotional fall.

It's likely, though, if they made better decisions upstream, they would have never come to that point. 

It's time to take control. 

It's time to carve your own path. 

Get super clear on what you value, and set a course for where YOU want to go. 

That's the only way you can make quality decisions along the way. 

This could be for your physical destination, your financial destination, your family destination, or any other aspect of life. 

It's time to get in your boat and paddle like there's no tomorrow. 

You control your own destiny. 

1% Better, right?

I'll be back tomorrow with a great piece from Coach Kim. 

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

PS: This Saturday! Each month we pick a different charity, host a group workout open to clients and their friends and family, and raise a couple hundred bucks for a local charity. This month's charity is the American Stroke Association. I'm sure we all know someone affected by this scary issue. Please join us this Saturday, 10/29, at 8:30am, right here at Spurling for a family friendly workout, and help us raise money to help out the American Stroke Association. We're doing a special one this month with Halloween just a few days away. We'll be doing the entire workout using pumpkins, so please bring a pumpkin for each participant. Please invite your friends and family. You can RSVP here: October Charity Workout