The Key Ingredient You Don't Realize To (Fitness) Success...

Good afternoon from sunny Orlando, Florida.

I’m down here for the week for some business meetings and before they start today, Megan, Kaden, and I came down a few days early to give Kaden his first experience at Disney (it was really for us).

A lot of people ask me how I always have something to write about since I make a post Monday-Friday.

To be honest, I’m just a firm believer in that there are lessons everywhere, so I’m just hyperaware of things going on, and 99% of my e-mails are either about conversations or observations that took place the day before, and today is no different.

Today, I want to talk to you about the one of the key ingredients to success, fitness included, but really any kind of success.

Any guesses as to what it is?



Your surroundings.

Let’s go through two scenarios…

As always, I like to use one gym related and one non-gym related.

When I travel, I have the joy of either working out at the hotel gym or a local commercial gym.

The last two days I was up at the gym by 530am, ready to go.

But the second I swiped my card to get in…I couldn’t wait to get out.


The environment.

Rows and rows of machines.

Everyone just has their head down like robots, nobody is smiling.

There are stock photos on the wall, and some elevator music playing in the background.

I walked past people and they didn’t want to say hi…

Just an overall stale environment.

It certainly didn’t motivate me, I got my workout done, and as soon as I could, I got out.

Just think of how that plays to success in fitness.

What if you had an environment (like Spurling) that you love?

The second you walk in you can feel the energy…

There’s someone greeting you right away (yay, Mel)…

Everyone knows each other, and they not only care about their journey, but they want you to succeed too…

There’s good music playing(most of the time), an energetic atmosphere, inspiring graphics on the wall, and a team of coaches by your side making the experience just that, an experience.

Do you get the feel for the different environments?

Which one do you think you’ll be more successful in?

The one you hate going to, and can’t wait to get out of…

Or the one that has motivation just bleeding through the walls?

Environment is a huge key to fitness success.

Let’s look at another example…


From the time you step foot on property it truly is magical.

They even make waiting in line interactive.

The cast members (employees) are always smiling and eager to help…

You essentially forget about anything else going on in your life and you’re just immersed in the magical world of Disney.

They make everything easy, they make everything fun, they think of every detail, and you don’t even realize/care you just paid $22 for that burger, on top of the $109 to get in the door, because it’s about the show, it’s about the experience, it’s about the…


I could go on for days…can you tell I love and study Disney like a fanatic?

You have different environments you are more productive in…

You have different environments you are more creative in…

You have different environments you are happier in…

It all matters.

Notice that.

And if you’re looking to nail down your fitness, we know most people hate gyms and hate exercise, because really, they hate the environment, and as you can probably tell by now, we hate regular gyms and regular exercise too, and have a totally different environment.

Take a look around, your missing ingredient to any success, fitness included, could be your environment.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling