The First Step...

Last night I hosted a marketing seminar at the gym for a dozen or so small business owners. 

It was awesome. 

As I type this I'm sitting in the Portland Jetport getting ready to fly to Kentucky to go coach gym owners for a week on how to run a better business. 

Whether it's seeing clients at the gym or coaching fellow business owners the first step is the same. 

Show up. 

Hear me out...

In business or in fitness we can catch ourselves looking for the quick fixes. 

The shiny object...

The new and exciting thing that looks cool to try. 

However, when this happens, we forget about the most important part. 

Showing up. 

The clients with the best success are not the ones that do the fanciest exercises or follow this unique diet, they just have extreme consistency and show up daily. 

It's the best example of 1% Better.

So as you look to finish the year strong and set some goals for 2018 remember the first step. 

Just show up. 

Show up in everything you do. 

It solves most of our problems and it's only then that we can start to help you. 

I'll be boarding shortly so I'll keep in short and sweet this morning. 

I'll be back tomorrow for more good stuff. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling