The Best Question You Need To Ask Yourself Today...

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

You’ll be sitting around the table with your family, sharing memories, reflecting on the past year, expressing things you’re grateful for.

But here’s a question I want you to ask yourself…

“If we were sitting together 12 months from now, Thanksgiving 2019, what would be your dream result?”

The clearer you can get on that question, the more in depth you can go on that question, the better your success will be over the next year.

I always tell people, we can help you if you know where you want to go.

However, you first need to decide where you want to go.

Get so detailed on that question, picture yourself sitting next to your family on Thanksgiving 2019, what would be your dream result?

This is not just a fitness question either…

Of course, you can write down (you are writing it down, right?) how you feel, what your energy level is, what pant size you’re wearing, how you’re sleeping, how you look and feel, and maybe even what your body fat percentage is.

However, you can also use this question for the other aspects (remember my post last week about the 7 Dimensions of Wellness?) of your life…

How are your finances?

How much money do you have saved for retirement?

What’s your ideal day look like?

What time do you wake up, what time do you go to bed, what do you get to do in a typical day?

What does your family look like?

All of these questions and more are questions you need to ponder to answer the question…

“If we were sitting here 12 months from now, at Thanksgiving 2019, what would be your dream result?”

Get so clear on this you can smell it, feel it, touch it.

Write it down, write it as if it already happened, and now we know what we need to do over the next 12 months to make that vision a reality.


There’s a follow up question.

So, let’s say you got really clear on the above question, you have it all written down, now you need to ask yourself…

“What do I need to change in order to make that happen?”

That’s where the action comes in.

It’s great to have this vision, this desired result, but we need to also hold ourselves accountable to a clear plan of action that is going to get us there.

We know if we want to a different result, we need to do something different.

Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

So, get really clear on what you’re going to change to make that happen…

Are you going to change your workout frequency?

Are you going to change your nutrition habits?

Are you going to create a budget or change your spending habits?

Are you going to change your daily schedule?

Whatever it is, only you can answer what YOU are going to change, but you must change.

You must always be getting better.

1% Better.

I hope this question resonated with you.

If you need help with this just reach out and let me know.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling