The 5 S's for Sustainable Change...

Ultimately that's what we're trying to create. 


You know the ice cream is not the best choice, but those damn behavioral habits are going to cause you to eat the ice cream over the veggie dip. 

When we look at creating sustainable change it comes down to five things. 

The 5 S's. 

Now, before I share what those are there is one keyword I think you might have missed above. 



That's the goal with all of this. 

We're trying to make changes that will last, not a change that you can only do for a month and then bail on it. 

The 5 S's of Sustainable Change.

1. Simple

You've heard me say this before. 

Keep things very simple. 

Ask yourself this question...

"How confident are you that you can do this every day?"

If it's not at least an 8, it's not simple enough. 

2. Segmental

Break things down into smaller chunks. 

I've written about this in detail, although it's actually quite simple, not enough people do it. 

If your goal in 2018 is to lose 40lbs, what does that look like in 3 months?


What does that look like in 30 days?


What does that look like this week?

1lb a day. 

Segmental. Break it down. 

3. Sequential

Start with "thing 1" before you move onto "thing 2", "thing 3", etc. 

Meaning, go back to that goal of 40lbs. 

What's the first thing I need to do?

Maybe it's writing the goal down. 

Then it's cleaning out the kitchen. 

Followed by making a weekly grocery list. 

Shop right...

Start moving a couple times a week. 

Get those things down before you get super fancy.

Snowball it. 

4. Strategic

Be strategic about things. 

Don't just "wing" it. 

If you're going out with friends on Saturday, adjust things during the week leading up to it. 

If you fail to plan, plan to fail. 

5. Support

No one can do this alone. 

I repeat, no one. 

Our coaches need coaches. 

Everyone needs some form of accountability. 

Whether that's joining a support group, hiring a coach, or getting a buddy to join you in the journey. 

We all need a teacher, we all need a coach, and we all need support. 

It's too hard doing this alone. 

So there's the 5 S's. 

Which one do you need to implement in 2018?

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling