Stack It

Do you remember the game Jenga? 

You know what I'm talking about...

The wooden blocks that you stack on top of each other, and slowly start to pull each one out, not knowing which one is going to make the entire pile crumble. 

That stack, the blocks laid on top of each other, not knowing once removed, which one will make the entire pile crumble is a perfect analogy for fitness, nutrition, and life. 

You'll quite often hear us say at Spurling "stack the small wins."

Continue to stack one block, on top of one block, on top of one block. 

That's how the biggest walls were built, that's how the pyramids were built, and...

that's how your goals get achieved!

Start stacking small wins with small actions.

I was meeting with a client yesterday who has not been in for a workout in a few months. 

She was beating herself up about it, knowing that we were reaching out to her, she felt super guilty. 

The problem?

The bar was set too high for her. 

She was thinking she needed to come 3x per week, every week. 

If she didn't come three times, she immediately felt like a failure. 

That then snowballed into not coming that week or that month. 

What did I do?

I just coached her through setting the bar lower. 

As humans, in so many ways, we tick very similarly. 

How many workouts do you think you can get in June?


How about 5?


Let's try to get 5 workouts in June. 

Start with that. 

Yes, of course, more is better, but quite often, we need to stack wins in every aspect of our life. 

Start small and snowball it.  

Here are 10 small wins you can stack right now:

1. Plan out your meals for next week.

2. Clean up your workspace and desk before the weekend, it will help declutter the mind. 

3. Start journaling your food so you become aware of what you're actually eating.

4. Go for a walk around the block during lunch or after work. 

5. Call your family to tell them you love them. 

6. Get 7 hours of sleep tonight.

7. Get a quick bodyweight workout in to get the blood flowing and sweat dripping.

8. Schedule a session at the gym, or call to get an intro session to inquire. 

9. Get one extra protein source in your nutrition today. 

10. Smile: Life's way too short not to be happy :)

The cool thing about "stacking small wins" is they are all small things that don't seem that hard to do, because they're not. 

However, it gets the snowball rolling. It builds the wall. It gets the momentum and the excitement going. 

Next thing you know, you've built this incredible wall. 

You're feeling good, you're looking good, and you're moving well. 


Just like the game of Jenga, you can't just "remove" or stop any of those small wins because you never know which one, once removed, will cause the entire thing to go crumbling down. 

Stay consistent with the small stuff. 

Stop looking for the home runs, the quick cleanses and detoxes, the 20lbs in 20 days crap. 

Start hitting a bunch of singles, stack the small wins, and get 1% better every day. 

The best part?

The next 100 days are going to pass no matter what you do. 

If you're getting 1% better every day, that's 100% better 100 days from now. 

If you do nothing, you'll remain the same. 

Now, scroll back up to those ten ways to stack small wins, pick one, and go take some action! 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling