Run Your Own Race

Run your own race. 

Quite often we can catch ourselves trying to either keep up with someone else or trying to run their "race" entirely. 

And I'm not talking just about a 5k here (although I'll see you on August 10th, for our 4th Annual Spurling Charity 5k, right?)...

I'm talking life. 

As you go on this journey of a better you, a stronger you, a more empowered you, it is just that...


Now, you can have supporters and people to lift you up and inspire you, but it's important that you run your own race. 

We can catch ourselves looking at pictures online or comparing ourselves to others in the gym and saying things like "I wish I was like her."

What we don't realize is they may have been putting in the work for years and years, and you're now just seeing the result. 

They've made countless sacrifices, stacked several wins, and you're now just judging how they are now. 

Or, physically they seem great, but maybe they're dealing with mental and emotional things at work or at home that you couldn't even imagine. 

I get it. It can be frustrating...

Run your own race. 

Your journey is unique. 

Make it that way. 

Don't compare yourselves to others, don't try to keep up with people that have been going at it a lot longer than you, and remember this too...

As much as you look up to people, there's always someone looking up to you. 

Maybe it's that lady on day one who is still confused with what a foam roller is. 

Going over, saying hi, and giving her a helping hand can make a big difference. 

Don't compare yourselves to others, focus on your journey and what you need to improve on, but just like in races, if a fellow "runner" needs help, feel free to give them a little push. 

To build off of that...

Don't run someone else's race. 

We all have our own goals, we all have our own battles, our own stories, don't try to live vicariously through someone else's by running their race. 

Set your own goals, pave your own path, and create YOUR story. 

Run your own race. 

It doesn't mean you have to go at it alone, but it does mean that your kind to yourself. 

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling